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Hey guys something I've been doing recently that's really kicking ass..

When a girl or a girl's friend just comes out with.. "You're not having sex with her tonight" or "She's not getting laid tonight" or she says to you.. "I'm not having sex with you tonight."

I just reverse it and project it right back at them..

"No she's not getting laid.." "No I'm not having sex with you tonight.."

They immediately fall right into it, gushing- wanting to know why not.. getting more physical with you.. and the friends clam up, haha. Doesn't matter that you're using their exact line- it's not the verbal content, it's the emotional frame-projection. I've used it to seal the deal 3 times in the last couple weeks.

I also used this recently when a girl told me she had a boyfriend.. "Well I don't want to be your boyfriend..!" Same reaction. I didn't pursue it very long after that to see where it would go though.

Ok now I remember a few months ago I told a girl she was going to be my girlfriend for the next five minutes. Her friend interrupts really hard with "She is a totally awesome girl.. I don't know if you are good enough." They both look at me..

"Ok.. now you're only my girlfriend for the next two minutes.." Same reaction.. she hooked so hard into me it was ridiculous. Then her boyfriend came and literally dragged her away.

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