State Projection: The Leaf Becomes The Hurricane

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So now, to be truly skilled with women, you need a strong state of being. But... not just strong state, you need something else as well...

There is a definite progression in development of skills with women, and it follows a general path. This is my first blush writing this down. Feel free to amend, disagree, add to it, whatever you want. There may be more or less steps. Some of them may seem wrong to you, and that's because you are you. I am me, and this is what's been going on for me. The point is that after chodedom, then Bootcamp and Superconference, then dialogs with many guys here (Originator, JD, DJ, 10pin, Terminator, Pimpski, Chance, BrianAce, Alex~, Ozzie, Jlaix, Tyler, et al.), lots of trial and error in the field, 1-on-1 all-night S&M sessions with Manwhore, and then finally Ciaran's story this morning, topped off by a very large mug of coffee and a chocolate croissant, it became crystal clear to me what I need to do, and who I am aiming to be. For whatever reason, I dialed my own signal loud and clear this morning. I do not question it, I am running with it. Someone just handed me the fucking baton, and I am off at full-clip.

The development of a skilled guy's mental state follows a certain kind of spiritual and mental build-up of integrity, as well as a steady increase in the amount of pure raw intention. It is no accident. He DOES specific things until he BECOMES them. It BUILDS cumulatively and it has STEPS ON THE WAY. The same can be said of any personal development, yet it pertains specifically to men becoming skilled with chicks in my examples below.

How do you go from being the leaf to becoming the hurricane? What are the steps in between?

1. Chodedom. You have brief flashes of good state, but it comes and goes unexpectedly. You live by luck. You hate yourself when your luck runs out. Lots of frustration. Victimhood. Pain. Anguish. Hell. You know there must be a better way. Wavering state = the leaf.

2. The Search. You start noticing your state fluctuations, and start doing something about it: state-pumping, first tastes of getting out in the field, trying out C&F, facing AA issues, inner game issues, pick-up technology. You start with techniques, so you buy your first pick-up products. Your search for answers begins.

3. You Join Up. You've had a taste. Now you want positive happy state, and take pleasure in +times, pain in -times, but you want more +times. You want consistency. Reading and posting on the RSDN often starts here for the vast majority... you've found a few answers, but the search for real personal answers actually starts here. You want teachers, and help to accelerate your game.

4. Hard Work. You can create a positive happy state, but you are subject to others' effects on you. You go from momentary success to very frustrated easily. Many things remain a dark msyterious cloud of question marks. But the fruits of your efforts are just starting to pay off. This is a very hard place to be, because it feels like you're stalling out. But you sack up, get out there again, and keep at it. Sometimes after all you've done, all you've gone through, you find yourself suddenly back here. But you think back on all you've been through, and you move on again quickly.

5. First Payoffs. You can create a positive happy state despite others. But you are not 100% sure. You can talk to women, and they hook and respond, but the lay is rare, the kiss can be elusive sometimes, and the social dynamics are rusty and creaky. At this point many dudes fall back to routines and try-hard dancing-monkey stuff thinking that it will lift them from this phase. More technology will not lift you from this phase. The flickerings of Nimbus start here.

6. Spiritual Revolution. Something clicks one day. You learn to generate a strong positive happy state anytime, and maintain it - you are solidly self-oriented now. You have goals, you know yourself, you know what positivity means to you, and you are an active participant in the management of your psyche. You do things every day and as much as possible through the day to create and maintain strong positive happy state. More success. Good times, despite any setbacks or issues. You've made it this far, and now your faith is your guide. You KNOW you will get good, it's just a matter of time. Your strong positive happy state is internally generated, self-rooted, and now not subject to others' effects. Your Nimbus ignites.

7. Sexual Revolution. You start to see real results when you have a sexual, strong positive happy self-rooted state. You look back on past successes and failures and you see that you were in a sexual state with all of your lays, and you look for ways to create that again and purposely add it to your strong happy positive state. You realize the power of your sexual being. You see what women want ...and you see that it is YOU. What you need to do now comes into full, clear focus. Now you KNOW. You don't know how it will play out, but that's beside the point. Now you just KNOW. This is the inflection point in your transformation from entertainer guy to sexworthy.

8. The Rise of Your Sexuality. The beginning of powerful sexual intent. You learn to create a strong sexual positive happy self-rooted state, and project it toward desired women. But control of it is elusive. Shock and Awe begins here, and any kind of sexual state projection or direct game. You have the strong positive base state, and you figure out what works for you to add on the powerful sexual piece. You might have to try a few things, but you'll get it.

9. Full-On Sexual Intent. You have a sexual strong positive happy state, and now you can deliberately project it toward desired women. You sometimes still catch yourself being try-hard and have to recalibrate on-the-fly, or sometimes after-the-fact, but it doesn't matter. You are certain. Your sexuality oozes out of your pores.

10. The Storm. Your sexual strong positive happy state automatically projects toward desired women. You are the hurricane.

Think of this not like a static, "I exist at level 3 and I'm trying to get to level 4". No. Think of it in real-time, like a volume knob. You can be anywhere and turn your state up or down, as desired. For instance, do you want to be at 10 when you're talking to your mom? I don't think so. Probably want to be around level 6, if she's bitching you out, so you can maintain a clear head. But when you're in front of a chick that you like, crank that baby wayyy up. This is what you're aiming at with phrases such as "my game is a 10." ...To be pure raw male sexuality, but calibrated and in-charge of your emotions.

When you suffer perceived setbacks, such as I have recently, you recede back a few levels to re-assess yourself and where you want to go next, but each time you turn that volume knob up again, it becomes easier.

So, to split out the state-specific phrases:

1. Wavering state. You are the leaf. 2. Notice state fluctuations, intent to improve. 3. Want consistency in positive states. Search for ways. 4. Can create positive state, but it is subject to others' influence. 5. Can create positive state despite others, but it is still occasionally subject to external harm. 6. Can generate positive state and maintain it, but there is a missing piece. 7. You realize that sexuality must be a part of your positive state, if you want to get laid. 8. You realize that your sexuality must project toward women, but it is uncertain how to do this. 9. You try a few things, and then you realize how to project your state deliberately to women and get results. 10. Your strong, happy, positive, sexual state automatically projects to women you desire. You are the Hurricane.



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