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I'll update this when I think of more stuff to add..

Strip clubs are hot..

Maintain the relaxed casual frame, that you are just there to kick it. You don't buy lapdances or expensive drinks, you just come to hang out. This is actually fucking normal. Realize this, breathe it. Act like they're breaking protocol if they try to insist you buy a dance "Whoah..! I'm hangin' out babe.. " (I'm not that guy..)

I like to get playful with it also..

"No babe not a good idea.. I just can't keep my hands to myself"

"Seriously.. I do NOT play well with others.. I never went to Kindergarten"

Someone else said it and I agree.. strippers do not fuck customers. You start busting out money and you are automatically NOT the guy they will fuck. But there are guys who come and hang out- and don't pay for shit, and the girls know this and are totally cool with it, it's just the kind of place they frequent- these are the guys strippers fuck and have threesomes with and bust out the crazy playtoys with. Be that guy.

Be relaxed with them.. when they come and talk to you, automatically pull them down so they're sitting in your lap. This is second-nature. Now if yer mackin' one girl.. don't necessarily pull down the next one- the girlies can be competitive.

I find that by projecting a strong vibe.. I don't get the same money-hungry mindset, or bitchy vibe from the girlies.. they want to present a better side. Obviously this serves me well.

I like to play with their little uniforms. I WILL lift up their little skirts to casually take a peek underneath and look at what kind of panties they are wearing. I'll walk up to the stage- demand service with a playful palm-down or fist, looking down at the stage while I fake that I'm being an asshole. But I'm still projecting playfulness. Then I look up, put my shoulders back and stand there expectantly waiting, with a strong almost pouty look- it's an exaggerated stance and look. The girls find it funny.. it is funny. They'll come over and I'll rub my head on them.

They come over, their hair is always dangling in front of their face, or they're wearing pony-tails.. I'll lightly pull on this so their face is even closer. It's very cute, and very intimate, and they recognize this. I'll rub my bald head on their face or their neck- they like this. I touch faces with them when they're close, I just make it natural to them that we would be this close while we talk. I like to grab a book of matches- there's always matches at a strip club- and light one when she's really close.. we'll both look at it, and she'll invariably blow it out.. little brat. So I'll light the next one or two and launch them at her. She screams/giggles and fake runs away.. but she ain't going anywhere.

I'm very loud at the club, I'm calibrated. I just talk louder, I can be heard clearly from several feet away even with music. Nautilus is so loud- my gawd.

I'm not obnoxious.. sometimes a little bit.

I make friends with the waitresses. Usually they're not as attractive as the dancers.. if they are then game on. I banter about everything.. you can banter about anything.. it's always there. Any kind of interaction with a female, you can pick little things apart and give social commentary on it. That's game

Always remember.. you do NOT have to "set yourself apart" as not being one of the other guys. You AREN'T one of the other guys.. they will see this almost as soon as you guys start talking.. don't qualify yourself, "Well I know you must get hit on a lot.. I'm not one of those guys.. but we should talk later.. blah blah, what's your number."

Weak sauce. Just get her number like any other girl.. she doesn't want to know, or perceive that you see her differently.

Bouncing to Denny's afterwards is code for the hook-up.. it's not spoken outloud, but it's pretty much a universal thing.

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