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[edit] By Ozzie

For the longest time I had been a negative person aka a realist, but just since a while back I decided to become positive. I had enough already. I would beat myself to death after minor mistakes, would consider most people were out to hurt me, would feel depressed even after successes, always on the look out for those negative spots in every experience, a “realist” etc. But one thing that surprise me was how I could survive all these years and even score major successes in my life be it business or pu despite of being a negative person.

Simple reason: I was a doer. I would take action even when every ounce in my body was telling me to stop and is not worth it. Somehow I knew that to get something done you needed to take action and have a plan. This is what happened. I succeeded this way. Yes, you can succeed despite of yourself if you act and have a plan. Yet this is not real success.

It all starts here. Problem is that society deems successful those people who make it economically. It is all about the money. Life isn’t all about the money as we know. You see very self destructive celebrities all the time. Singers, actors, politicians, athletes who are at the pinnacle of their careers however they are still self destructive or engage in some form or manner of self destruction or self sabotage, take drugs, live on the edge, etc.. It makes me think. Those people succeeded despite of themselves. It doesn’t make sense! Yes, it makes sense. When it comes to their job, those people would take action. The thing is they were successful only in one area of their lives. Which means no success at all. To be truly successful you have to be successful in all areas of your life. Then you are a successful person. One of the areas is mental cleanliness. Money, though not bad in itself, can exacerbate and magnify the worst traits in your personality. If you are reclusive it will make you a hermit. If you like drugs, it will make you a drug addict. If you have a reckless sex life it will make you ten times reckless. If you are prone to people´s validation it will make you an attention whore: you will buy Ferraris, big houses, etc just to get people´s validation.

Same with pick up, if you hate women, once you have game=power you will be ten times hater. You will take any opportunity you have “to get back” at them. If you don’t like people, you will make sure you ridicule everybody with amog lines and tactics and use negs on women just to put them down. You will hate other guys with game, secretly be jealous of what they have or the girls they score. You will try to make comments on the web to covertly/openly destroy their credibility.

It means anybody can have success in this area of your life(pu) but not be a successful person. Most people I know have success with women but few are successful. very few are happy with what they have and still “crave” what others have. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set higher goals. Definitely do. But don’t crave, specially other´s success. It is a loser behaviour. Craving takes your energy away. Being inspired to higher personal goals will soothe you and calm you down. I will take inspiration vs craving any day.

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