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[edit] by Tyler Durden

"You know you're actually quite tense... i bet you're the kind of person that finds it diffciult to really let go and relax... "

Credit: Tyler Durden

The elusive tension test. I've searched TD's archieve looking for the tension test and basically it's in there but spread over a few posts.

This is from the post on the trust test (also available on this site): -

"I also follow that up with the "Tension Test" IVD, which is just me doing the massage maneuvre (another of my most useful kino tricks, that I posted about alot last month, where I run my fingers up her back and massage her down). Then I tell her things about her based on how she reacted to the move, but its not structured, and I just bullshit it."

And as far as I know to do the tension test you: -

1 "OK i'm giving you the tension test" 2 Put her hands on your shoulders 3 Put your hands on the lower part of her back and massage in small circles 4 Massage your hands up her spine 'till you reach her traps (shoulder muscles) and then massage them 5 then rub your fingers down either side of her spine with a firm even pressure 6 Then make some bullshit cold read up based on the tension you claim to have felt in her back. TD says he just improvs this, but some ideas about what could be said here would be nice.

A good sample progression would be "Wow you've really got tension everywhere" she'll be amazed and agree or be shocked "your upper shoulders are tense just because of stress under the blades is causeyour active because, around the obliques comes from loving to relax and your lower back" pause for sexual tension "Well I'm not going to tell the whole crowd." This one is fun because those are all real conditions of tension and generally vaguely complimentary and really sets the frame if she laughs at the last joke

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