That Weird Feeling When You Really Start Projecting Yourself

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Jeffy hit the spot when he said we live in a 'spectator reality'. It's so easy to 'drift' and be a 'reactor'.

It's easy to say the Cocky funny REMARK .. to mould the energy that exists.

When you start 'creating the energy' .. that's when your getting somewhere. I used to feel solid as a rock .. but that was before I became the 'creator' .. now it is far more unstable and scary.

Imagine a room of say 10 people .. silent .. one of which is you. Do you have the guts to start singing out loud? THAT's creating the energy. That's what it's about.

I FINALLY get 'GIVING VALUE' in terms I understand. Imagine your energy as a 'ball of light' .. is that 'inside you' or 'outside you' .. is your energy and personality on the exterior or the interior.

I am starting to feel like mine is on the exterior .. and everyone can start to see what I have been thinking and feeling all along .. and it is FUCKING with my self image.

I am creating the energy more and more. People stare at me .. singing my way down the street. They point at me and mumble (look at that douchebag). It is FUCKING with my self image .. but the disorientation is becoming less.

You need your energy to be outside your body. You need to create the energy from scratch. Like I said before .. a room full on dead silent people .. looking at you .. serious .. you have to be the one who yells out "JUMANJI!".

THAT'S what this is motherfucking about. Be the creator. It still gets me .. makes me feel a bit uneasy .. people looking at me and mumbling .. fuck you guys .. you're already dead .. I'm just freeing my mind .. they couldn't understand.

Once you master this you will no longer be a SPECTATOR in your own reality. You will own your reality and shape it as you see fit. When your 'external' energy is strong then you are powerful.

It is easy for me to do this:

HB: "Hey, how are you" Flannery: (say anything)

too easy .. but that's not creating the enrgy .. she created it.


Flannery: "Heeeeeey bitch!" HB: I love you

Create the fucking energy .. own your reality .. don't be a 'bad arse alpha motherfucker SPECTATOR/REACTOR'

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