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The Blueprint Decoded

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Release Date: February 14, 2008

This program is the 20 disc, 4-years-in-the-making masterpiece by Executive Producer Tyler Durden

Unlike any other program released by any other company in the Community, the Blueprint Decoded puts the "life" in "Community Lifestyle", by teaching you how to live authentically, attractively and powerfully.

The program takes you on a 4 day odyssey "down the rabbit hole" to the very core of masculinity and identity, giving you the tools to massive shift and transform yourself into who you were always meant to be.


[edit] Day 1

  • Sear a new understanding onto your brain, forcing your innate abilities with women into full, permanent awakening.
  • Your jaw will drop as that you experience that elusive 'click' that breaks the back of the struggle. You'll accelerate your learning to a speed where you'll be blown away by the ongoing increase in your ability to get girls.
  • You'll enter a world where women are irresistibly attracted to you, as who you truly are shines out like a seductive beacon.
  • See the core of attraction summed up in a single word. This revolutionary insight will allow you to tap instantly into the invisible channels of communication that women use to rate how attractive you are... and ramp that electric sexual energy through the roof.
  • You'll learn the single thing you need to do to blast your sexual presence into a whole new dimension. Once you start thinking in these terms, 90% of your 'sticking points' will simply melt away.
  • Expose yourself to the mind-blowing difference between the male and female mechanisms of attraction. Obliterate all paranoia about the way you look, the money you earn or the car you drive!
  • Discover the primal triggers of female sexual desire... Once you know what they are, you can focus on unleashing these innate drives, resulting in a dramatic increase in your seductive power.
  • You'll discover that women have two personalities – one that shuts the door on any man trying to get with them... and another that opens the floodgates. With this underground know-how you'll discover the magic of 'no-resistance' seduction.
  • Learn the one 'cardinal sin' of pick-up. Once you discover the single principle that causes 90% of 'blow-outs' to occur you'll freak out at the cascade of sexual abundance your life will become.
  • Learn how to channel your authentic core to the extreme... you'll discover about how a conversation about TAXES can lead directly to blistering sexual encounters with hot girls you've only just met!
  • Forge a core confidence so strong that no woman will EVER be able to dictate your identity to you, allowing you to breeze through all social 'tests' like they're not even there.
  • Transcend the knee-jerk reaction that causes guys to scramble for ineffective techniques and tactics, and hook yourself up with a true sexual magnetism that actually works!
  • See the true principles at play beneath every successful tactic and routine ever invented. Once you've seen the world from this perspective, you'll find that the 'Blueprint' for seductive success is burned into your psyche forever.
  • Deal with the root cause of insecurity, and shine with an 'inner light' that will mesmerize women, making your pickups effortless and simple.
  • Learn the power of “self-trust”... this core mind-structure of the perpetually attractive male will be hammered into your brain, permanently boosting confidence with women and instantly increasing results.
  • Discover exactly how to handle any physical shortcomings you feel you have in a way that actually increases the attraction she feels for you! Your biggest insecurities will become your silent wingmen – holding women in your thrall.
  • Discover the dynamics behind the phenomenon of 'losing your cool.' Once you discover exactly what goes on, criticism and bitchiness will bounce off you like rain off a bulletproof vest.
  • A detailed series of insights about the phenomenon of 'putting up a front' for others... now you'll be able to radically reshape your life to live authentically, drawing women to you like a magnet.
  • The beating heart of creativity itself is laid bare, allowing you to supercharge your creative faculties for massive success in life.... and with women. Call forth your creative powers to improve not only your social life, but professional life as well.
  • Draw back the curtain on the crazy phenomenon of 'social pinging'... and understand the way that 95% of the planet builds their view of the world. Your identity will rest on solid rock, with a deep foundation that women will instantly respond to.
  • Discover how to keep your cool even in the midst of an extreme emergency. This 'superhero' level of internal strength will be instantly visible... and instantly compelling to those 'super hot' babes.
  • You'll freak and laugh when you realize just one insight that blasts you miles ahead of the pack, guaranteeing you massive interest from the opposite sex.
  • Hear a cool idea that will instantly defuse any awkwardness on the date, giving her a compelling experience that she loves.
  • An anatomy of the perfectly successful approach... that you can adapt in any way to suit your mood, and still get an amazing level of consistency.
  • The four pillars of a strong reality: how, as time goes on, you can increase the force you are able to exert through sheer force of will, drawing women into your universe.
  • Become so centered that the system of values imposed upon you by society shatters, rooting you in your own path in life and making you immune to intimidation in the face of the most amazingly beautiful women.
  • Break free of old destructive patterns of behavior and forge your own identity, integrity and dignity as a man.
  • Understand the shocking link between the very language that you speak and all the traps and problems in your life. Your sense of who you are will become stronger than steel, and women will swarm you wherever you go.
  • You'll discover the subtle delusions that render us prisoners in our own minds – and you'll be breathless with gratitude when these delusions are broken, allowing you to develop the true authenticity that women openly crave.
  • You'll fracture and cripple the destructive illusion of what society tells you 'love' is – and instead you'll discover a genuine love that strengthens you, and has no dark side.
  • You'll gain a detailed map of precisely what happens when you 'chode out' in a relationship, killing the vibe and losing the girl... so you'll never, ever do it again, EVER.
  • Bypass 'outcome dependence' and discover the foundation for all successful relationships. With this 'underground' knowledge you'll finally get what you're looking for in life.
  • Reach that crazy level of success where women are jumping at you, desperate to be your plaything for the evening – once you realize the pure simplicity of this awesome truth you'll never be the same again.

[edit] Day 2

  • Evolve past “approach anxiety” – you'll develop such ironclad confidence that you'll be cool as a cucumber even if you're talking to your perfect 'fantasy' woman... you can just kick back and enjoy the rapid chemistry that will naturally explode between you.
  • You'll discover how to make attraction automatic between you and the hottest women you'll ever meet.
  • Master the subtle dynamics behind 'giving your power away' in a social interaction. Once you've got this rock solid definition in mind, you'll be able to instantly obliterate the thousand invisible 'micro-behaviors' that cripple your ability to 'get the girl.'
  • Discover the secret to becoming that guy who always pulls, who always gets the girl, and who lives a rockstar lifestyle of total abundance.
  • Learn the secret of the sexworthy guys who get laid relentlessly. This pivotal, five-word definition will force you into a potent mindset that fills your life with the sexual abundance you deserve.
  • You'll learn how you unconsciously feed off the certainty of others to create your perception of reality itself. Take control of how you view the world, generating that powerful masculinity that all women love.
  • You'll discover the unconscious 'imprint' of your highest self. You'll be brought in alignment with it at a profound level of being, making your success with women a total inevitability.
  • The secret to REAL courage... you'll hear a raw expose of what courage actually involves on a daily basis. Once you understand the visceral reality of courage, you'll punch through social sticking points like they're not even there.
  • Learn how to hold yourself in a cool, alert and razor sharp mindset even in the most hectic club environment, and reap the whirlwind as beautiful women vie for your crystal clear attention.
  • You'll discover how to motivate yourself to act without beating yourself up... this one insight will remove the single greatest obstacle to your self-esteem – your own negative thought processes.
  • You'll learn how to program the internal 'thermometer' that decides when you go into 'the zone' – and fix the system so that you're permanently attracting beautiful women every moment of every day.
  • You'll laugh... then lapse into stunned silence when you see how easy it is to override social conventions of what's 'attractive,' and have a fantastic night even if you've got mustard smeared all over your face!
  • You'll get a detailed breakdown of the different 'identity criterion' that you can use to dominate your social environment, inflaming full confidence in seconds, so you're always ready to get that awesome girl!
  • Tap into the sexual charisma that most guys never fully experience. Without needing to radically change your appearance, you’ll find that the “mojo” will radiate out from the core of your being and women will notice you immediately.
  • Exhibit such a dominant 'reality' that women bend to your will and their sense of identity melts and warps around your presence alone.
  • Develop a flexible and dynamic identity that can adapt it's immovable core to any situation... and become that irresistible guy that all women desire.
  • Develop genuine rootedness that goes way beyond the confidence you draw from your friends, the places you feel comfortable or what you own (when your roots sink deep inside yourself your unshakable confidence enraptures women instantly).
  • Get a clear, simple, working understanding of how people structure and change their internal universes... allowing you to dominate all your seductive interactions for phenomenal, rapid sexual connections.
  • Learn how to 'suck' people into your view of the world... project a vortex of sexual power, obliterating your competition and transforming women into doe-eyed groupies.
  • Dominate the 'cold approach.' You'll get an exact, profound breakdown of the advanced simplicity behind flawless approaching and see huge gains in your success with women.
  • How to avoid all 'cock-blocking' by a girl's peer group... without even needing to engage them. You'll instantly halve the work you need to do while in a nightclub with this single insight alone.
  • Learn how to use your interactions with men to massively increase the attraction women feel for you... turning them into giggling schoolgirls trying to get your attention.
  • Become super-smooth and calibrated, able to cruise through any logistical issues in an seduction, and get any woman begging to come back to your house.
  • Discover the secret to achieving such towering internal strength and skill that getting the hottest, sexiest girls in the world literally becomes an afterthought.
  • Connect with your deepest self-esteem, your deepest sense of who you are, and bring that power up like a tsunami of seductive force that women will chase, jumping through hoop after hoop in order to capture your attention.
  • Discover the power of the 'entourage' – generate the vibe of a cool group of guys who bring the party and have their own fun... even when you are ALONE, sucking women toward you like a whirlpool of sexual presence.

[edit] Day 3

  • Create a strong balance between how responsive you are to women, and how strong you are in yourself... with this simple principle all confusion will leave you when it's time to get that girl back home with you.
  • Generate attraction from masculinity itself with uniquely male ways to get hard, solid attraction from the craziest, hottest chicks out there.
  • Get the secret to 'being at home in your environment.' This one ability creates an unassailable vibe of powerful attractive force that every woman will feel, and very few will be able to resist.
  • Trigger megastar/celebrity fascination from the women in your life using authenticity, even if no one in the room even knows your name!
  • Discover... and destroy... the beating heart of 'performance anxiety,' turning you into a rock-solid, cool guy who is unshakable (and highly charismatic) in the face of extreme beauty.
  • Learn how to meld with your 'pick-up persona,' absorbing its best aspects into the core of your being and supercharging your magnetic presence with the power of authenticity.
  • Peel back the 'layers' of your personality to reveal the power of your true self at the deepest level, splintering your insecurities and gaining true self-confidence.
  • Tap into natural calibration, a visceral power innate to your being that will mean you always say 'the right things' to get her hooked on who you are.
  • A simple 'advanced super-mastery' technique to open a gateway to the humanity of the hottest babes in the building... making you the most interesting guy they've spoken to all year.
  • You'll discover the power of supercharged eye contact... pump the 'energy of attraction' directly through your gaze and into the depths of her being. She'll have no idea why she can't resist you.
  • Power up your presence whenever you want to access your best self, and blow women away with your fully unleashed charisma.
  • Connect with your inner wild man, unleashing the fury of your masculine essence in a way that will drop women into a submissive 'trance' where your wish is their command.
  • Satisfy the raw sexual needs of the craziest chicks... discover how extreme they often (secretly) want you to be – and you'll know how to deliver that amazing experience without stepping over the line.
  • DETAILED... the simple way that anyone, even the scummiest, nastiest looking guy in the room, can get a full makeout in 30 seconds. This will blow your mind, and make your evenings into crazy orgies of sexual debauchery.
  • The final word on how to deliver jokes in so they cripple girls with sidesplitting laughter, leaving them sobbing and aching for more.
  • Learn the main responsibility of a man... everything else will fall into place in your abilities with women, and you will see rapid gains in your seductive power.
  • Discover the power of living in the present moment. This insight, shattering in it's simplicity, will connect you to a life of massive positivity that all women will love to be part of.
  • Develop true leadership that men and women will follow, and deploy that like a howitzer shell to get any woman you want.
  • Eliminate all obsessive and compulsive striving from your mindset and your life. You'll realize that your ability to learn skyrockets... and your skills with women will follow suit.
  • Permanently damage the core structures of negativity and blame in your own mind. This will massively raise your tolerance to intense social pressure, keeping you cool in the face of the hottest women and holding them rapt.
  • Learn to “melt into the moment” becoming razor sharp in any seductive interaction.
  • Harness your innate faculties – the hidden powers of universal intelligence that make you a social juggernaut all women respond to.
  • Develop a hard-line connection between the core faculties of your humanity and the instant-by-instant demands of a seduction. Your responses will sparkle with wit and intelligence, supercharging your ability to pull any girl.
  • A single insight that will sever the emotional chains that bind you to your past, allowing you to walk through life with ease n a way that is instantly appealing to women.
  • Bind your confidence to the heart of your being, giving you that 100% total belief in yourself that women desire so strongly.
  • How to generate that 'aura of sexual confidence' and totally transcend the need to accumulate possessions to impress women. You can get rich for YOU... but you'll never need money to capture a woman's interest.
  • Break the 'self-development' cycle and become truly self-actualized. This seminar will rip away your ability to remain a 'self-help junkie' by forcing such massive, permanent gains to your confidence, self-belief and abilities with women that you'll be incapable of slipping back... even if you want to.
  • Avoid the 'fear of success’ that keeps 90% of men in desperate mediocrity: you'll explode to new heights of seductive brilliance once you break the invisible chains that hold you back.
  • Discover the secret to reverse-engineering amazing insights from naturally seductive guys, and use that to augment your own charismatic power.
  • Generate a critical mass and explode into shocking, consistent and permanent gains in your abilities with women.
  • You'll learn the psychology behind the 'hater' mentality – once you've had this piercing evolutionary insight blasted into your skull you'll never again be emotionally shaken by the harsh words of others, leaving you free to cultivate a hurricane of irresistible confidence.
  • Learn how to be the best wingman in the world – you'll develop a two-way positive feedback loop with your friend that explodes his confidence – and yours – to levels where you dominate the room and women flock to you.
  • Discover the insider method to rapid learning – how to open up a funnel of learning like a swirling vortex that sucks information from your environment in real time, filters out the irrelevant, and hits you with hardcore epiphanies that smash you toward your goal of social mastery.

[edit] Day 4

  • Hear the entirety of 'game' broken down to a single principle. These two words will give you a core around which to easily and rapidly understand everything about seduction, giving you the clarity needed to get any woman anywhere.
  • You'll discover and eradicate the core mechanism that underlies all weak behaviour - forever purging yourself of the self-hate that women are repulsed by, and shooting to total confidence in any interaction.
  • Exploit the weird power of the 'self-fulfilling prophecy'. Instead of being trapped by this success-killer, you can use it to amplify the speed of your success.
  • Discover a simple, true but little-known belief that will bring out the friendliest, most open side in women.
  • Use the power of 'conscious assumptions' to transcend the need for any clever opening lines when meeting women – you'll trigger a massively positive response through your own internal processes alone!
  • Discover the secret to keeping women in your life – you can allow them to express the sexiest, most uninhibited parts of their personalities with you, and have them love you for it.
  • How to escape from those high-accuracy insults when you don't have a comeback! This 'conversational Kung Fu' principle means you'll never get blown out again!
  • Cement faithful behaviour in any woman's mind so that you never have to deal with the pain of being cheated on.
  • A “Jedi mind-trick” you can deploy if anyone, guy or girl, tries to undermine you in conversation... you can use this and they'll convince THEMSELVES that you're an awesome guy!
  • Hardcore epiphanies hammered into your skull unleash true integrity from the core of your being, giving you the 'Inner Game' of a Jedi and access to a universe of lifelong sexual abundance.
  • Generate total internal belief and self-confidence from absolutely nothing. Regardless of how down on yourself you sometimes feel, you'll easily unleash the true potential of your masculine essence.
  • Develop new 'bearings' on the world – a process you can use to become a true leader of men, and a charismatic force to be reckoned with.
  • Cross the “indifference threshold” and feel true liberation from fear. The success this will trigger will feed your sense of self-belief as women display interest in ways you cannot doubt.
  • Discover how you can go develop a resonant voice and dominant presence that brims with masculinity, strength and power.
  • You'll have the concept of 'unstifling' rammed into your skull with full power, forcing you to levels of personal freedom and communicative potency that you've never believed possible.
  • Free up the mighty power of your genuine self, and allowing you to dominate your environment in ways that women love.
  • See simple, easy-to-understand diagrams of the dynamics of social vibing itself. Once you hear this, you'll never be lost for something to say, and your interactions with women will gain a permanent spark of sexual chemistry.
  • Quick wit broken down and stripped bare! - The fundamental core of what it means to have a razor sharp comeback will be explained to you in ways that will make you permanently funnier and more attractive to girls.
  • Discover your innate ability to make instant conversational connections that drive any interaction in fun and sexy ways. You won't even need to think about what to say once you've tapped into your inexhaustible seductive goldmine.
  • Discover the true beliefs about sex that the masters of seduction all share. This never-before-discussed secret will push you over the boundary to greatness the second you internalize it, making sex with beautiful women an inevitability.
  • Exposed – the exact forces that make the 'seduction community' so seductive. You'll discover how to strip-mine the positives from the experience without being sucked in and destroyed by it.
  • You'll be armored against the 'false ego' that arises when you begin to truly excel with women – you'll wear your mastery easily and won't lose your integrity when you get that crazy-level success you're looking for.
  • Navigate the confusion of 'learning pickup' without getting lost in the process and without bailing on it entirely. You'll be so massively far ahead of everyone else because you'll be enjoying permanent and real success with women.
  • Discover the core of human nature – the division between who you really are and the false self that your mind creates every day. This 'Zen Master' knowledge will give you the internal strength of a pillar of steel, blasting you straight to seductive dominance.
  • Discover the power of value giving – and unlock the highest, best part of yourself. This is the true power of authenticity – you'll realize that you can hold to what you've always believed in the most in such a way that women will be captivated by you, always.
  • Smash the cycle that society locks you into, where you see the surface and not the depth. With this new mindset, you'll 'click' instantly with women, regardless of how achingly beautiful they are.
  • You'll have the core insight of the Blueprint driven into your skull in one of the most intense and passionate speeches ever recorded on camera. This will forever distill in you the truth that confidence itself is the default state of the human male, blasting away all fear and doubt.
  • Get a clear and simple map of how your 'false self' can rise again inside you – you'll be given the internal weapons to stop it from destroying your success with women (or sense of personal worth).
  • Discover the esoteric secret to making women lose control and leap all over you in a crazed sexual frenzy... even in public, or in front of their friends.
  • You'll be given total clarity about the cause of all personal wounds. With this insight you'll be able to lance the pain of your past, escaping pain forever and moving into a world of total emotional freedom and sexual plenty.
  • The baseline mechanics of the 'fictional self' are laid bare – stripped down and exposed for what they really are, giving you the power to free yourself forever from self-delusion, self-sabotage and insecurity with women.
  • Experience live emotional redemption as humiliation and victimization are purged from your psyche, shattering the chains and setting you free to forge electric connections with beautiful women.
  • You'll sit in stunned amazement as you're smacked with an epiphany of such blistering force that time itself will become an irrelevance to you. Freed from constraint, you'll live 'in the moment,' and experience life with such vibrant passion that women will be blown away by everything you do.
  • Hook into the infinite consciousness shining from the eyes of every woman you speak to, transcending all logistical, social and personal concerns, and making a 'sexual hookup' as simple as opening or closing your hand.

The Blueprint Decoded is available here.

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