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Imagine you're facing forward and the girl is also facing forward. She's on your right shoulder side. Reach your right arm and place your right hand on her right shoulder, which will be your opposite shoulder. Your arm should be in contact with the top of her back. It's like a one armed hug. The Claw is so useful because it sub-communicates dominance on an extreme level but not in an aggressive way, and still lets the girl feel free (as opposed to having your whole arm around her neck i.e. “Rock Star Claw” which leaves the girl feeling very restricted). As said by Jeffy: the CLAW is most effective when used as an OPENING MOVE. Grab her on the forearm, about halfway up. Be firm but fair, and RIP HER IN with perhaps a smirk and a, "Who are YOU?"

A Picture of The Claw In Action

A Picture of the "Rock Star" Claw

The claw is summed up beautifully by Ozzie in the following song:

"the claw always wins the claw always wins have no fear just claw them in" - Ozzie

"The claw does not move. it stays there." Ozzie refers to the girl maybe trying to remove the claw. If she can't, she will feel massive attraction.

[edit] Rules

1. The claw is not a move, it is a lifestyle

2. The claw always wins

3. The claw ONLY grows stronger!

[edit] Note

There is no ONE way to CLAW. Grabbing a girl and expressing your energy is all about dominance, congruency, and your personality. You can claw girls by the waist, by the hips, you can grab her by the knees. The over-the-shoulder is just the most common way to snag someone.

Note also the difference between the two pictures above: in one, the male does not look at the girl at all. in the rockstar claw picture, the male tries for rapport (body and face face her) and the woman breaks rapport (looks away). he even kisses her, which she ignores. that is a common mistake naturals make.

(Credit: Jack Diesel)

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