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Big Picture

College game and real world game are pretty similar. I believe one guy said that "game is universal," and that is definitely true. What attracts college girls is the same as what attracts 40 year old corporate CEOs.

That said, there are some things that make college game different from real world game. Luckily for you, these things work in your favor.

For one, college girls are young and rebellious. Their college years are the first years away from the house, and most fully embrace this freedom by tapping into their adventurous side.

Second, college guys are chode. REALLY chode. They come in different flavors.


Bros are the grown up jocks from high school. They tend to congregate around fraternity houses, workout benches, and kegs. They tend to avoid residence halls, squat racks and class.

You might find yourself envious of the bro, because they get laid. A lot. The greek system is far and away the easiest way to get laidin college.

Outside of their natural habitat, however, the bro is powerless. Their total dependence on situation value paralyzes them from approaching girls. When a bro is talking to a girl you are interested in during class, they are so easy to tool out due to their lack of personality.

Just like saying to a girl "that guy is creepy" in a nightclub will kill the guy's chances with her, saying "that guy is such a bro" will have a similar effect.

Mockingly speaking to a bro in their native language is an equally effective way to tool them out. Simply insert "man," "dude" and "bro" liberally and you win.

Average Guys

The vast majority of guys in college are just average. Most are pretty nice guys actually.

A lot of these guys have female friends (Secretly hoping to fuck them, of course) and enjoy going to parties and drinking with their friends.

Sexually, however, they are no threat to girls. While most average guys get a girlfriend in college, they usually "settle" as opposed to choose their girlfriend and have pretty chode relationships.

More often than not, they met these girls through their friends or were fortunate enough to have a girl start talking to them in class.

If one of these guys is talking to a girl you are interested in, you need not be concerned.

Library Trolls

These are the socially awkward guys who are "focused on their studies."


Between 75%-85% of guys at your college will fit into these three categories. They are great guys to be friends with, however they are really no competition when it comes to girls.

The remaining guys are competition when it comes to girls. These are the "20% guys" who have game and choose their girls.

Luckily for you, there are so few of them and so many girls that you need not be paranoid and jamming your brain with AMOG tactics.

What you definitely want to do is become one of those "20% guys."

Here is how to do it.

Inner Game

First off, you need to drop the bullshit left over from high school.

Whatever you did in high school doesn't mean shit in college. You are not your old 4.0 GPA or your Varsity Jacket. If you fucked all the cheerleaders, then good for you. If you had no friends, oh well. It don't mean shit right now.

Identifying with that stuff is empowering your ego.

A lot of freshman in particular still carry around their high school identities and as a result are paralyzed to do anything. "I don't want to talk to that girl because what if she rejects me and I'm not that big pimp I was in high school!" "I didn't talk to a single girl in high school, so I can't talk to any right now. Maybe after I graduate."

A lot of people want to redefine themselves when they get to college, and that is awesome. I did. But I was only able to do it when I dropped all that baggage left over from high school.

Drop it like it's hot.

Second, realize that a guy who is a "perfect 10" is a perfect 10 because he lives his life a certain way, not because he looks a certain way or has certain things.

To become a "perfect 10" guy, you simply need to be...

1. Present

2. Positive-dominant

3. Forward-moving

Read Alex's article I linked to in order to get what those things mean.

If you live your life in a way that is congruent to those three things, then there is no way you could possibly not be fully confident and in state at all times.

By the "what you feel, she feels" principle, you can then successfully approach a single girl consistently at any time.

Finally, you need to figure out what you want. Do you want a girlfriend? Do you want multiple girlfriends? Do you just want fuck buddies? Do you want to hook up with girls at parties?

Outer Game

Building a Social Circle That Gives You Steady Stream of Hookups

Let's start out with how to hook up with a bunch of girls (if that is what you want).

The path of least resistence is to build up a social circle, be the leader of that group, and get into the party scene.

Like the general population, most college students want to have a good time but would like others to go through the trouble of providing them with that good time.

So, if you can provide people with a good time, then they will want to be your friends.

Now, there are three types of "social currency" in college.

1. Hot girls

2. Alcohol

3. A place to party

These are the superficial things that can get you "in" even without a personality. Obviously your personality can be just as effective if you go through the trouble of developing it.

Anyway, the easiest way to build a social circle that will get you an endless supply of hookups is to be able to provide those three things.

During the first couple weeks of college, most of the people on campus are scrambling to find their place on campus. This includes the hot girls.

What you want to do is befriend a couple of them.

Get into a conversation with them, even if it is chode.

"Hey, I'm Caligula, what's your name? Where you from? How do you like it so far? "

Then offer them some fun.

"Myself and a couple others are going out tonight. It'll be a lot of fun. You and your friends should tag along."

Exchange numbers and, boom, your set.

Do this to a couple of girls and you've got the foundations of a solid social circle.

During the day, find out where the parties are going to be that night. Because you are going to be rolling out with hot girls, you'll be able to get into any one of them. Because those parties will be providing alcohol, the hot girls will want to roll out with you.

Do you see how it all comes together?

Additionally, you have social proof at these parties because of those hot girls. Girls at the parties will approach you.

At this point, it's simply a matter of running good game.

If you are an upperclassman living off campus, you can offer your house up as a place to party (With alcohol, of course). Again, this will attract the hot girls, which will attract other guys and their hot friends...

This, by the way, is pretty much how the Greek system sustains itself. As much as I make fun of the fraternity guys, they do have a lot of built in opportunities to hook up with girls.

So there you go, the easiest way to get a steady stream of girls to hook up with and have a vibrant social life.

Animal House style.

But what if you don't want to have a crazy social life? What if you just want a girlfriend or two?

First, check out my article on where to naturally meet girls in college besides at parties.

Meeting Girls in Class

My favorite place to meet girls is in class.

In smaller classes, I like to do this to a girl sitting near me.

Right before class starts, ask here "cats or dogs?" She will answer, shake your head in a disapproving way and say "I can't talk to you then." Leave it at that.

A little bit into class pass her a note: "hamburgers or hot dogs?" She will probably circle an answer and pass it back. If she doesn't, forget her. Nod in approval to her answer.

If you want to amp it up a bit, send her one later: "lace or leather?"

You now have an easy excuse to start a conversation after class: "well, you kind of bummed me out with the cats/dogs thing, but you made up for it with the hamburger/hot dog one. I guess you might be kind of cool. Well, assuming that your favorite food is not a hot dog/hamburger (You can start talking about favorite foods here)."

It is fun and it breaks the ice.

I also love writing stupid poetry to girls in class.

[i]There's this girl in my class Her name is Kelly Has a nice ass But she has a smelly belly

After class just turn to her and give a really cheesy smile like you think you are the shit. Be all like "what did you think of that, huh?"

If you are in a lecture hall, sit with two seats between you and the aisle. If a girl sits right next to you, she is into you and wants you to talk to her. If she sits on the aisle seat, she likes you but is to too shy to sit next to you or is trying to "play it cool." Open her immediately with something retarded like "yo, that jacket has the coolest buttons I have ever seen" and just start talking to her.

A lot of guys don't know what to say to a girl immediately after class if they were talking to her before class.

If she looks at you, just say "what did you think of that freakshow?"

If she avoids eye contact but doesn't bolt, say "yo, you look like this wierd girl from elementary school." Think of a wierd girl from elementary school, describe her, and then challenge the girl to prove that she is not her.

If she bolts, say "hold it" in a commanding voice. She will stop. This demonstrates dominance, a very attractive quality. You can follow that up with "for fuck's sake, I was thinking about what I was going to say to you during all of class and you're just gonna bolt? Come here."

Residence Halls

I am going to be an RA starting in the fall and have lived in the dorms for two years.

Residence Halls are a fantastic place to meet girls.

It is ridiculously easy to make friends with your hallmates. In fact, it is expected that you go introduce yourself within the first couple days of moving in.

As a result, you can easily use your hallmates to build the girl-generating social circle talked about in the previous section.

If you would prefer to just hook up with your hallmates, that can be done as well. You can knock on girl's doors, say you live on x floor, ask what they are doing later or invite them to do something with you.

A creative thing to do is to write on their white board's "hey, I'm THE Caligula. Come introduce yourself: room xxxx"

A lot of girls will actually come introduce themselves.

Most residence halls have events during the first couple weeks of school. GO TO THOSE. Be social with the other residents and talk to the girls. It really isn't awkward to say "hey, let's go upstars and chill at my place."

Some college students complain that they have a hard time getting girls to come to their room because they have nothing in their rooms. They don't feel comfortable saying "yo, come up and check out my wooden desk."

If you need an excuse, have some photos back at your place. Spend $15 and buy nerf hoops (This is gold btw. Thanks Jeffy!). Pull a trick out of the Game 1.0 bag and have tarot cards in your room.

Day 2 Ideas

My default day 2 is to find out what major she is and then take her to Borders to hunt for a book on that subject. For example.

"Yo, what major are you?"


"Oh, so you're science nerd huh?"

  • giggles*


"Alright science nerd. You and I are going to go on a quest. I am going to take you to Borders, and you are going to help me find the best biology book ever written for my cousin, who is also a science nerd."

This is gold. Borders is an amazing place for a day 2, because you two get to wander around the different sections together, have her sit on your lap and read her a children's book, browse the sex section, etc.

Another good place is the student union. I like to challenge girls to games of fuzzball, and since I blow at fuzzball I have to cheat to win. Makes for good fun.

If you party, take the girl to a party for a day 2. If you are 21+ and drink, take her out to do shots.

Of course, walks in the park, Starbucks, and events around campus are fantastic day 2s.

Whatever you do, avoid restaurants, movie theaters, and study dates like the plague.

Final Thoughts

Again, college game is pretty similar to real world game. Girls respond to the exact type of positive-dominant guy whether they are 18 or 55.

At the same time, college provides you with some pretty cool opportunities for meeting girls that the real world does not. Use them to get the choice with girls that you want.


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