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Release Date: October 31, 2007

Billed as "Advanced Dating Strategies For An Absurd Universe", this six disc set grants you exclusive access to Jeffy's vast storehouse of information, insights and stories, allowing you to apply what he's learned to get you the consistent success he does.


[edit] Disc 1: Steroids For Your Soul

Disc 1 offers a wealth of unimaginably powerful secrets about inner game. You'll hear straight from Jeffy...

  • "Getting your mind right" – you'll be spoon-fed all you need to hear to build a rock-solid core of personal confidence.
  • The story of Jeffy's FIRST EVER conquest – after hearing the sickening story of this 350 pound whale you'll never feel insecure about your past indiscretions – and you'll be INSPIRED to accelerate your learning curve.
  • His personal BREAKDOWN of how to direct the rhythms of EVERY interaction. It's something he developed so well that he got addicted to the feeling of control – so much so that he purposefully chose to step back from it. Now, you'll make that choice for yourself.
  • The definition of game that's COMPLETE and SIMPLE. When you wrap your head around this, you'll get a rush of insight that will amplify all your interactions.
  • The heart of game itself. When you do, you'll easily be able to directly address the deep issues that will transform you into a bona fide pimp.
  • The four classes of women you should never sleep with, no matter how hot they are! And the great thing is that once you've finished watching, you'll be coming from a place of such abundance… that you won't even care.
  • How to engage a woman with HYPER FOCUS. Once you've locked on, you'll create a little world for you both, and she won't be able to pull away… because she won't want to.
  • Discover how to maintain your own little magic bubble, just you and the girl. Once you flick it up, the distractions of the most intense club melt away like rain. She'll even ignore her friends to be with you!
  • Hear Jeffy's take on the RSD Triangle… how to create a weird, synergistic effect that amps all areas of your life to new levels you never even knew about. It's the secret to forging a well balanced existence that women will fight to be part of.
  • The 9 characteristics of Being In State – the most important and most unrepresented area of game. Most teachers can't teach this without sounding hokey or weird – Jeffy cuts out the crap and cuts to the chase giving you a rock-solid understanding of this KEYSTONE of attraction.
  • Hear about a strange paradox that is almost certainly killing your success with women. It's a subtle, useful truth that will make a RAPID improvement to how many women you pull.
  • GRASP your true uniqueness. Be warned – this is not some self-help mumbo-jumbo. These are the key, rock-solid steps you need to get confidence that's immune to criticism, eager for challenge and emotionally in control.
  • Learn why being in state is – strangely enough - not always pleasant (it might be a struggle… it might even be terrifying). Once you click to this, you'll stop tripping yourself up and hampering your own success with women!
  • Avoid trash talking, and how to avoid getting sucked in to arguments or destructive conversations that can kill your ability to get the girl.
  • You'll learn the true secret of the masters – with this one paradigm shift you'll snap out of a hardcore struggle mentality, and into the fast lane. After this, you'll actually look forward to going out ON YOUR OWN – and your game will skyrocket!
  • How to use the mindset of "The Hustler" to gain a sense of pride and dignity that women will automatically sense and gravitate toward. They won't be able to stop looking at you, because you'll never be a loser again. You'll be a WINNER.
  • Learn step by step how to perform ALCHEMY – taking failed interactions that felt like DOOM and FAILURE, and TRANSMUTING them into some of the greatest learning tools in your future success.
  • You'll finally see why your biggest enemy is yourself – and you'll learn CONCRETE TECHNIQUES to get out of your own way! These simple insights will slice your learning time clean in two.
  • How to set yourself achievable, progressive goals – you'll go from learning how to say "Hi!" to chicks to knowing how to score hook ups in nightclubs, cinemas and airplane bathrooms.
  • Find out how to hit a point of "total immersion" where you don't have to even try to remember any of this stuff. It will just come to you exactly when you need it. Women will be blown away by how sharp you are. So will you.
  • Discover a profound and life-changing secret that all top seducers know: how to make your self-esteem the cause, and not the result of your social success!
  • Learn something arguably more important – how to avoid going too far into pickup, and becoming dangerously addicted to the success you'll get.
  • See the beating heart of what it is that's holding you back – as Jeffy exposes the neutering effects of socialization. You'll get the tools you need to obliterate them like a house of cards in a hurricane.
  • You'll listen as Jeffy reveals his own internal code – the core beliefs that make him a man of action and a man of integrity… the things that make him genuinely attractive to women – and you'll learn how to develop your own core values to get the same potent effect.
  • You'll hear the progression of values – from a child, to a young adult, and finally to the stage that most men never reach… true emotional maturity.
  • Once you've had it laid out in front of you, this internal roadmap will turbocharge your growth into a mature, desirable man.
  • You'll uncover the hidden truth of Jeffy's internal Odyssey… From believing himself a chode with a thin veneer of game, he maps out the shift from a weak and fractured self image, into an iron-clad emotional core of decency and desire.
  • The very real dangers of compromising your own life… you'll see a picture of a pre-RSD Jeffy, and the pain you'll see in his hollow eyes will shock you. You'll by stunned by the seismic shift to who his is today – and you'll learn to make that shift yourself.
  • You'll learn a rock-solid, field-tested mantra. Jeffy uses this on bootcamp to supercharge students, inspiring them to acts of belief-shattering success.
  • Imagine having Jeffy in your ear, as if you'd paid for his personal attention, monitoring your internal state all night, every night. Once you've absorbed his mantra, every night out will be just like that.
  • You'll learn how to 'ZAP' irrelevant thoughts out of your reality, clearing your head and focusing your attention to a razor edge.
  • Use the philosophy of full-contact sports to blitz through social pressure – this champion's secret will revolutionize the way you interact with women.
  • A fascinating parallel between self-help and personal fitness – once you've gotten your head around this powerful reframe you'll be inspired to develop other aspects of your life – a quest that will massively impact your success in the club!
  • You'll learn the dark secrets of self-delusion. After exposing yourself to this searing, insider's guide to the lies we tell ourselves you'll have the right weapons to blast through your rationalizations, achieving whole new levels of sexual desirability.

[edit] Disc 2: Step-By-Supercharging

Disc 2 provides you with the tools for consistent success, and immediately understandable stories exploring the techniques and attitudes of a successful man.

  • You'll hear the one key thing around which your entire game revolves. Amazingly, most guys neglect this area, and then complain when night after night they get blown out over and over. Once you know what to focus on, you'll feel safe in the knowledge that your efforts in the fields are no longer being wasted!
  • You'll hear the astounding tale of an old, short deaf guy, who could get any woman in the club. After seeing this guy, Jeffy needed to know what his secret was – now you'll hear the results of Jeffy's obsessed interrogation.
  • The crazy secret of an Irish Drunken Kung Fu Master – once armed with this fearsome mindset you'll know exactly how to open any group with power and precision. You'll be the only guy that night who grabbed the attention of that elusive "10".
  • How to PLOW to maximum effect, giving girls a chance to find out who you are and love you for it.
  • How to step up to a group of girls like a BOMB is going off. You'll never be ignored again – not once.
  • You'll see how Jeffy uses random topics pulled from thin air to defuse the harshest tests that the most beautiful women throw out – you can learn these word-for-word – and you'll also understand the theory behind it, so you can create hilarious comebacks on the fly.
  • Instantly learn through countless real-life NEVER HEARD BEFORE stories how YOU can express to women the qualities that will get girls squirming to keep you from talking to other women!
  • You'll discover the mind-warping truth behind why showing off – even (and sometimes especially) if you're a brain surgeon or a race-car driver – can shatter any approach, and EXACTLY how to deploy information about yourself with pin-point accuracy, guaranteeing a red-hot response.
  • You'll find out how to avoid the horrors of the dreaded CHODE CRYSTAL – a subconscious habit that will drag your night down if you don't know about it – and how to shatter it when it does arise!
  • Learn the amazing DOUCHEBAG OPENER – and the list of contingencies to make it start conversations like magic – no matter what she says in reply.
  • You'll hear the hilarious stories of Jeffy's FRENCH MIDGET WINGMAN. This short guy rides a scooter while wearing a spiked German WW1 helmet – and pulls like a rock star. You'll find out how – and you don't have to be French (or a midget) to do it!
  • You'll hear how Jeffy's exploits in the club led to him drinking more and more booze – and his ultimate trick for breaking free of "Gummi-Berry Juice." After you deploy this simple trick you'll take full control over your social drinking.
  • The four levels of fashion – a simple way of understanding what fashion is all about, and how to use it to get the hottest girls in the club, even if you've no idea whatsoever about how to dress or what to wear.
  • THE WALK UP – You'll find out what Jeffy says to himself in those split-seconds before he opens conversation with beautiful women to force himself out of his head and into the moment (hint – it's simple, memorable and works the first time you try it!)
  • You'll find out how to avoid the problem of the LINGERCHODE, dodging a problem that will get you blown out over and over till the day you die.
  • Learn the single most potent word in any pickup – use it over and over to supercharge your results.
  • Jeffy breaks down the "traditional" phases of opening, with brand new, razor sharp, unbustable content – from direct to indirect, from opinion openers to time constraints, DEMONSTRATED LIVE so you know exactly what to say to get any woman hooked.
  • The one opinion opener that Jeffy still uses – and the hilarious story of one girl's outrageous response!
  • You'll gain access to Jeffy's secret stash of custom openers, including whole new never-before-seen styles… From the "Overly Elaborate Question" to the "Dummy" opener.
  • You'll feel your mind buckle and warp when you hear what happened when Jeffy's student dared him to open a conversation by licking a girl's face. You can guess what Jeffy did – but you might be amazed to hear how the girl responded!
  • You'll discover the secrets to controlling your social interactions so you will have people SIMULTANEOUSLY laughing while cranking their respect for you as a real man.
  • You'll hear some hardcore ADVANCED concepts – once you wrap your head around these weird "Jedi-level" insights you'll learn how to recognize and play the rhythm of a group – literally HIJACKING the interaction itself.
  • See how avoiding just ONE topic with women will substantially INCREASE your success by more than HALF (…it's Jeffy's favorite preventive tactic – he wishes he had learned it earlier!)

[edit] Disc 3: Unleash The Beast

This disc contains the highest caliber of techniques and tools that anyone wanting to unleash their seductive, sexual potential and learn how to attract women should immediately watch...and then watch again.

  • You'll get free, unfettered access to Jeffy's legendary routine stack. This list of unknown stories will blow any interaction wide open, allowing you to consistently rivet the attention of those inaccessible, model-hot girls.
  • You'll hear exact details of the PUSH/PULL – a famous technique for cranking attraction from 0-100 in under 10 seconds. This outrageous technique will shock and attract her hard and fast.
  • You'll discover the secrets of the FUTURE ADVENTURE PROJECTION – a fantastic way to weave a cool, seductive image of the both of you in a woman's mind – she'll be gorged with positive emotions.
  • How to use creative MISINTERPRETATION and ELASTIC SNAPBACKS to add punch to your patter.
  • You'll also discover the secret of the MINI-TAKEAWAY. This killer technique is so simple you'll kick yourself:
  • You'll discover how to use your cellphone to create instant scarcity in the mind of the girl you're talking to – without giving other guys even the smallest opening to cruise in while your back is turned.
  • You'll find out why actually BREAKING the rapport you have will INCREASE how much women (and men) seek your approval – and you'll learn how to sidestep this killer pitfall when you're on the receiving end.
  • You'll also discover the key to CRYSTALLIZING yourself in her mind – you no longer need to worry about a girl forgetting about you after she gives you her number.
  • The LAY OF RAGE – you're going to hear a jaw-dropping story of what total persistence can get you – how to use just three phrases, over and over, to get any woman into bed – even if the situation seems completely hopeless!
  • You'll see Jeffy's perfect delivery of a classic technique for taking a girl's attempts to play you and flipping them back on her.
  • You'll discover the crucial value of BREVITY – why and how you should make your words shorter, punchier, and more arresting to the opposite sex.
  • You'll see an underground video that exposes a revolutionary new resource. This secret will rapidly boost four mission-critical areas of your game: Vocal Projection, Rhythm, Congruence and Expressive Power.
  • Once you exploit this untapped goldmine, every aspect of your interactions with women will be light, free and crammed with power.
  • Jeffy will lay out the whole "routines" issue, confronting it head on and creating a dynamic fusion of natural and canned game. Once you hear this you'll be freed from a whole host of invisible internal issues that directly result in failure after failure!
  • How to use routines to ENHANCE NATURAL GAME, and natural game to enhance routines… This unknown synergistic effect cuts through the ideological BS, allowing you the freedom to express yourself completely.
  • You'll learn about the dreaded FRIEND ZONE – along with detailed descriptions of how to avoid this success killer. Learn the secret of how Jeffy is NEVER put there – once you get this you'll never find yourself there again.
  • The two core keys of subcommunication – all you need to know to communicate strength and desire before you even open your mouth.
  • Hear the story of how a challenge from Tyler allowed Jeffy to fix ALL his subcommunication problems within two short months – and how you can do it even faster.
  • The astonishing truth that some evangelists of "This method" or "That method" don't know – how you can combine styles like BRUCE LEE to devastating effect, and get your dating life handled in record time.
  • Learn the 5 secret variables of any interaction. These are the things you can't plan for… unless you know what's coming.
  • How to open interactions with a blitz mentality, PUNCHING THROUGH RESISTANCE with 100% consistency.
  • You'll learn about when it pays to be the nice guy! When being completely sweet can sometimes be exactly what you need to do to get that same-night success.
  • How to hone your self-presentation to the individual girl – demonstrating that you're the guy of her dreams without the need to lie, exaggerate or manipulate.
  • The secret of shifting gears – how to tone DOWN your personality at EXACTLY the right moment to create and intensify a genuine connection.
  • Read the signs – the incredible truth is that if a girl likes you she'll tell you she likes you… as long as you can understand the CODE. Jeffy breaks that code down to an idiot-proof formula. You'll never miss a trick.
  • You'll find out how to take your own life story and – no matter how dull or weird it is – REFORGE it into kick-ass chick-bait.
  • Discover the secret to seamless venue changing… how to easily seed the idea in a girl's mind, then exactly what to say (including Jeffy's foolproof 3 letter magic word) to get her following you home like a CRAZED STALKER!
  • Dealing with INTERLOPERS – you'll learn from one of the best in the world how to eliminate your competition in the field, making you look like the superstar in front of every girl present.
  • The first rule of dealing with interlopers – how you can ignore them so that, in the majority of cases, they slink away into the background.
  • You'll learn how to instantly neutralize any guy attempting to humiliate you – a sure-fire (and easy-to-execute) way to win back any girl.
  • The TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE CHODE. This "hardcore extreme" tactic comes with a health warning. It will destroy a guy so completely that he'll be left standing there helpless while every girl in earshot busts a gut laughing at him. Use carefully...
  • You'll also get some great insights from Ozzie, Jeffy's best friend and fellow RSD instructor. These ludicriously over-the-top tactics (banging the chodes, the chode parachute, the chode throw) will mark you out as the prime alpha in any situation.

[edit] Disc 4: Hyper-Magnetic Pulling Power

This disc is packed with advanced techniques, acting in concert with Disc 3 to deliver a knockout punch to the old you...paving the way for the new, unstoppable you.

  • You'll learn the one unmistakable giveaway sign that a girl is in the club just to find a guy to sleep with… and once you learn this simple insight, you can be that guy!
  • Advanced group strategy – empower your interactions with three tactics that Jeffy has evolved over years of painstaking research.
  • You'll choke when you grasp how to enlist a beautiful woman's ugly friends to destroy your competition. It's so effective you'll wonder how you ever got blown out before.
  • You'll see exactly how to merge groups of women together instantly and without complex routines – so you'll DOMINATE the room in minutes, even if you arrived in the club ALONE.
  • And you may well (and probably should) be shocked when you absorb Jeffy's brutal attraction amplifier – a little something he calls SACRIFICING THE VIRGIN.
  • You'll also discover how to HAMMER yourself into a woman's mind, slashing the number of girls who flake when you call.
  • Jeffy will deliver a reframe that will recalibrate your entire attitude toward girls who flake on you. You'll never feel the shame of being blown out again.
  • And if she doesn't pick up? You don't need to worry about leaving a lame voicemail anymore. In fact, once you hear the almighty power of Jeffy's WEEPING AIR SUPPLY CALLBACK TECHNIQUE you'll yearn for a girl's voicemail JUST so you can deploy it (hint – this is a true-blue master tip. After the seminar, many guys insisted that this one tactic was worth the entire price of the weekend.)
  • What you'll then get is a breakdown of phone game you can use to transmute those worthless numbers into real live women, hungry for your time.
  • You'll be amazed to learn why it's often a better idea NOT to ask a girl out the first time you get her on the phone – and how learning when to apply (and when to break) this counter-intuitive rule can triple your "callback success ratio".
  • You'll learn two quirky, cool routines that you can bust out to invigorate any phone call, guaranteeing you'll engross her, and get that date.
  • Discover exactly how to hook a girl into meeting you – Jeffy demonstrates a way to secure that date by fusing charm and relentless drive… She'll even thank you for convincing her!
  • You'll be dumbfounded at Jeffy's ability to shatter social norms and get away with it – in TEXT MESSAGE GAME. This fully transcribed, x-rated conversation will blow your mind, and forever change the way you look at text game. Repeat it verbatim… if you dare!
  • Discover the one room in your house that you absolutely, positively must keep clean… if you get this wrong all your hard work can come crashing down as you watch her bolt for the door.
  • Unearth a full breakdown of "house game" – everything you need to know to make your home into a bachelor pad, without any wasted effort or time!
  • LMR FREAKOUT! You'll be appalled when you hear about Jeffy's last sticking point – Last Minute Resistance – and the over-the-top punishment he used to inflict on girls who'd refuse him!
  • You'll also profit from Jeffy's now-profound understanding of the phenomenon of LMR, with simple tactics and powerful internal reframes that will mean you need never sleep alone again.
  • Best of all - you'll never need to manipulate a woman into anything again – she'll be driven so crazy by your natural personality you're the one who'll need to resist… if you want to.
  • Discover how a French pickup master uses a MAGNETIC CHESS SET to transcend all resistance to his charms – you can do this too, as long as you can keep a straight face!
  • You'll hear the ultimate Jeffy tale – the LEGEND OF CHESSCLUB.
  • Once you've heard this epic tale, your preconceptions of social norms will be demolished.
  • Hear what happens when a girl tries to tell Jeffy that his "player techniques" won't work on her or her friends… and provoked Jeffy to perpetrate a debauched, mind-blowing vengeance.
  • You'll learn what happens when Jeffy comes up against a bona fide natural seducer of real talent and panache. You'll profit from Jeffy's desire to strip-mine his greatest exploits so you can soak up insight from real life examples.
  • You'll hear about this epic tussle between two "Jedi Masters" over the hottest girl in the club – an insane rollercoaster of emotion, starring Tyler as Obi Wan and Jeffy as Luke. Soon you'll be motivating yourself with the question: WWTD?
  • The mentality you'll cultivate from this one anecdote is the mentality you need to create miracles.
  • And that's just for starters, because the sickest, most sought after part of the Jeffy Show is something I haven't even MENTIONED yet… You're going to learn how to get threesomes.
  • Jeffy is recognized as the undisputed threesome pickup champion. He's had dozens and dozens of threesomes and here he's finally opened up, spilling his guts on this white-hot topic. You'd better prepare yourself.
  • He's the one guy who you can count on to walk you through everything you need to know to orchestrate threesome after threesome.
  • From differences in opening, to the REAL truth behind the myth that "all girls are bi" - and how to leverage that truth into real-life debauchery.
  • How to recruit – and KEEP – a wing-girl who'll be your golden ticket into the world of tandem pickup. You'll find it easier to score threesomes than to pull single women!
  • Dual routines to use IN THE CLUB to get girls swapping clothes and bonding – while making you look good enough to eat.
  • Dual inner game – this unmentioned issue will blow your mind, and give you the short-cut secrets to getting more threesomes in a week than most 'cool' guys have in a lifetime!
  • The secrets to DUAL ATTRACTION – a secret pitfall that you NEED to know to avoid being left in the corner while your girls get it on without you!
  • Exploit the benefits of FEMALE MIND TRANSLATION – where you can train your new wing-girl to feed you insider information on when to extract back to yours, when you need to go for a kiss and when you need to hold back!
  • Girl AMOGS – how you can teach your new, eager wing-girl to take other guys out of the equation with outrageous lines that you could never get away with!
  • Finally, you'll see the DUAL INDUCTION MASSAGE performed by a past master – and you'll be blown away when you suddenly realise that you don't need it to consistently score threesomes!

[edit] Disc 5: Revelations of a True Player

The final disc of the set provides what many believe to be the greatest single summation of the game. The masterfully-crafted overview motivates you to take what the other discs gives you and apply it.

  • In the final part of this program, you'll hear Jeffy's collected wisdom – the unique insights of a guy who really has been there, done that, and got the T-Shirt.
  • In what is arguably the most useful part of the program, he reflects on his whole learning curve, distilling his wisdom into a simple, highly effective vision of change.
  • Jeffy spells out the short-cuts that he can identify with hindsight. These insights are worth kingdoms, as they'll allow you to focus on only those core areas guaranteed to accelerate you toward true pimphood.
  • You'll learn how time spent on the forums may well be HURTING your ability to get women. After this you'll only focus on what matters – and you'll reap the rewards.
  • You'll learn about the SOULLESS nature of method, and how true perfection – and true results – comes from perfecting your internal feeling, and not your technique.
  • After you hear this, you'll never worry again about your delivery. Your focus will be where it matters – and where you get results.
  • Here's a truth about pickup that most gurus try to hide from you: that PICKUP IS SIMPLE. Jeffy clarifies game to a previously unheard of level. You'll be stunned by the clarity you'll get, clarity that will translate directly into your rapid advancement.
  • You'll hear the ENTIRETY OF GAME boiled down into TWO GOLDEN RULES. That's right – two. As long as you keep those two rules in mind, you'll have a crystal clear frame of reference, and you'll never freeze up in the club because you're thinking too much.
  • The simplest way to conquer calibration. Now you'll actually enjoy yourself while you're learning and making mistakes – and that enjoyment will supercharge the speed of your progress.
  • The one thing that will give you a weird "spidey-sense" of what NOT to say.
  • The importance of internal value: how brutal honesty and vigilance are your two best friends… Jeffy learned this lesson the hard way so you don't have to.
  • You'll get Jeffy's breakdown of top 'ancillary' skills – fun things that you can do that will add depth to your character, and give you a life women will want to be part of.
  • Learn about hidden, cheap workshops you can take in any city that will supercharge your conversational skills to a near-professional level.
  • You'll learn about overcoming adversity from Jeffy – and you'll learn why he's uniquely qualified to NAIL YOUR DEMONS TO THE FLOOR.
  • Confronting your "shadow self" – Jeffy talks about his escape from a horrifying past. Once you hear this, you'll know for CERTAIN that you can fully escape whatever it is that haunts you.
  • You'll finally understand why Jeffy was motivated by hatred and rage. You will be genuinely sickened by what you hear – and genuinely inspired at how a man torn apart with fury can achieve professional success, inner peace and massive results with women.
  • Listen - there's two ways to get an amazing woman. You can be an amazing manipulator, or you can be an amazing man. Jeffy became an amazing manipulator, and he paid a price. You can exploit his dark past, using his mistakes to catapult yourself toward genuine happiness.
  • In learning from his mistakes, you'll slash years off the development of your game. You'll galvanize your sense of self – not by adding layers of fake "game" to your life, but by removing all the things that stifle you.
  • Ultimately, Jeffy's going to push one choice into your face, over and over, until you snap, and make that decision. After that, your life will never be the same.

This DVD set will blow your mind. If you're ready to elevate your game to a consistent, sexually abundant level, The Jeffy Show is available here.

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