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Okay, it's time for me, CharlieBrown, your most socially-aware member here at RSD, to act as tour-guide for you through another part of the game. Please remember to tip Tyler Durden -- he's the guy who put this whole site together, which makes him (almost) as cool as me.

Shall we get started, class...?

Alright, then....

If you think about it, the "Social Value" that the girl brings to the table is her looks. Period. It's her looks, and that really is the extent of her Social Value. Sure, it's great if the girl has money, humor, intelligence... etc... but if she doesn't have LOOKS, then her social power is going to be severely diminished, and that is just how the world works.

I have done a lot of thinking about just what, exactly, the Social Value really and truly IS that the guy brings to the table. I have considered most of these:

Looks Clothes Humor Intelligence Money Job/Career etc....

And all of those things are fine, they are great to have, but after approaching as many women as I have, I am struck with the thought, that:

The girl's value is in her looks, but the guy's social value is in his EMOTIONAL STATE.

Think about this, and you'll make a key insight into the game.

A guy who FEELS like he can't approach women will do everything he can to get looks, money, job, car, humor, routines... etc... but really, all that those things are... are just things -- tools, if you'd prefer to think of it that way -- that the guy uses to get himself into the emotional state where he feels like he can now approach women; where he now feels ENTITLED to open girls.

I ask you:

Does the girl really know what kind of a car you drove to the club? Does the girl have any idea how much money you have in the bank? Does she know the size of your paycheck?


Only you know that stuff, but it's stuff that guys use to get themselves into state. The girl has no idea about ANY of this stuff -- the girl only knows what kind of state you're in.

The girl that you game has no idea about ANY of this stuff -- all she knows is that you are either IN state, or you are NOT IN STATE. Keep in mind here that I am referring to EMOTIONAL STATE. All of that looks/money/car/clothes stuff is really just an emotional crutch that most guys need so that they can put themselves in the emotional state where they feel like they can now approach women. Without all of that stuff that society says you need, most guys have NO game.

What I am trying to say, is that....

The game, basically, is played in your head.

When you are in state, you can storm right over to a group of 10 girls, and you can say, "I hope you guys are cool... I only hang with cool people...." and you'll get an AWESOME responses from the girls. The girl can tell when you are in state, and she also can tell when you are NOT in state.

To quote something I wrote before:

Observe that a girl will generally fall into whatever emotional state a guy is in. If a guy is in a really bad evil foul mood, and he comes home from work to his girl, and the girl is in a really happy mood, notice that it is very VERY hard for the girl to stay happy. She'll fall into a bad mood that matches her guy.

However, if a guy is really happy, and he comes home from work to his girl, and she is in a bad mood, notice that the girl will become more happy, to match the emotional state of her guy, even if she was in a bad mood before. The girl's emotional state will follow the emotional state of the guy.

Notice that the girl is getting her emotional state from the people around her.

So, since seduction requires that the girl experience positive emotions in order to proceed, the guy simply has to go there first, emotionally. He has to be funny, positive, upbeat, Alpha, fun, unshakable.

In the seduction process -- and it IS a process, guys -- the girl can sense that she is emotionally unlocking, so, she throws a shit-test at the guy, to take him out of his very positive emotional state. Most guys will react to this by going out of state -- they will allow their mood to go sour. That's why girls do it -- because it works. The girl can then let her emotional state sour along with the guy, and kill the seduction.

Note that I don't think any of this is a conscious thing, it just happens as a part of the girls evolutionary programming.


Girl: "You are such a nerd. Stop talking to me and go away."

Many guys here would let their state slip into negativity, and a lot of guys would "next" the girl here, saying, "she's a bitch." The reality is that you can't next a girl until you sleep with her. If you next a girl before you sleep with her, the reality is that she is the one who just "next-ed" YOU.

This is why passing shit-tests is so important. Passing shit-tests really just means that you keep your state.

Solid response would be:

Girl: "You are such a nerd. Stop talking to me and go away."

Guy: (keeping a positive emotional state, smiling): "Yeah, I'm a nerd. That's why you love me. Don't be jealous just because I'm cooler than you!" / subject change / "Hey, check this out... I know this guy, and he's going out with this girl, but they are both actually seeing other people, and the thing is that if I tell either of them...." (continue gaming here with emotional-content-based girl-relevant blah-blah-blah).

You just blew past this test. Ten seconds later it will be forgotten, as the girl listens to your next guy-girl story which is, to her, girl-relevant, as it has emotional content.

Think of it like this:

Where I work, there is a very good looking girl, and a typical beta-guy who has been chasing after her for MONTHS. She has been blowing him off for the whole time.

"She's a bitch," he'll say.

Actually, she's not a bitch. Just really good at throwing out a lot of shit-tests. No girl is a bitch, not even this one.

When a guy says, "That girl is a bitch," what he is really saying is that the girl is able to change his emotional state. She puts him in a foul mood. She places him in a negative state of mind. From that negative state of mind, he then can't place her in a positive state of mind (he can't emotionally lead her), and the whole seduction process has died. He then feels angry and frustrated, not having the game or the social awareness to grasp the essence of what is actually happening.

On the other hand, I ignore this girl completely, except for the occasional moment where I'll walk past her (I have to because of work) and, as soon as she throws a bitchy attitude at me (even for a moment), I'll say, "I wish you were more cool," or, "I wish you were more fun to be around," and I'll then walk off instantly.

She is now opening me pretty often. My state is totally non-reactive. I'm shit testing her, in return. At lunch, I'll say: "I don't know if you're really cool enough to eat at my table... this is like the cool kids table back in High School... I mean, you can tell it's the cool kid's table because I'm here."

Her emotional state gets so completely positive even after she spends just a short 10 minute coffee break with me, because I simply will not let her ruin my emotional state. "I love talking with you," she said to me a few days ago, "you just make me feel so bright...!" Notice that I'm not actually doing ANYTHING except holding my positive emotional state... heck, I'm not even gaming at all.

In order for seduction to arrive at the end-game, the girl has to be in a certain, positive emotional state. What this means, is, that the guy has to go, emotionally, to that state first, and HE HAS TO FUCKING STAY THERE. The girl will then follow the "Emotional Lead" of the guy.

The girl will try and throw the guy out of his STATE, but as long as the guy stays true to his STATE, the girl really can't kill the seduction -- her STATE follows his STATE. She actually has no defense against a guy who refuses to leave his STATE.

Note that any kind of nervousness, or social awkwardness, is also enough to take the girl out of state.

I think that the whole game of the girl trying to throw the guy out of STATE did EVOLVE, as girls needed to mate with the TRIBAL LEADERS. These guys were the only guys who wouldn't go out of STATE.

Alpha males have much more of an unchanging state.

Beta males have emotional states which change from moment to moment.

This is why girls sleep with more Alpha's than Beta's -- they get caught in the Alpha's STATE and they can't shake it.

Beta males get a bitchy attitude from a girl, and go into a bad mood, which means that they can't then place the girl in the emotional state that they need to in order to bring her to SEDUCTION.


That's it.

I gotta get some sleep.

Truly hope you all are well.

I hope this post made sense to somebody -- I've been awake now for 30 hours and I'm beyond exhausted.

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