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Real Social Dynamics Wiki - The Sad Truth About the Guys Who Get Hot Girls

The Sad Truth About the Guys Who Get Hot Girls

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A lot of you guys don’t give yourself enough credit…

There are certain guys who get hot girls. Community guys may call these guys naturals. In reality, maybe only 10% of these "naturals" are actually alpha, charismatic guys with real game. That was the biggest shocker for me. When I saw how dorky some of these guys are—who still get very hot girls—I was floored. I spent like a week just trying to reconcile it in my head. Then I just kind shrugged it off and went back to having fun with my life.

Don't get me wrong. None of these guys are blatant social retards: they abide by basic social norms and don't look weird. Even the guys who throw money at these girls aren't socially clueless. But to suggest most of these guys are personality dynamos does not correspond to anything I've witnessed.

Here is a rough breakdown of the guys pulling hotter girls: 1) 70% of guys are using a career, hobby, or personal connections. 2) 20% of guys use primarily their looks. Even then, it's a certain kind of look that conveys they are part of a certain social world. The look tends to be more Abercrombie & Fitch Model All-American Fun Guy--less Rico-Suave in a button-down shirt. 3) 10% of guys are doing it primarily on cold-approach game-type stuff.

The biggest common factor between all of them is that they are able to convey they are from the same social world as hot girls. This is a fairly nebulous concept that I'm still working with, but it's very real. . If you cannot convey it to hot girls, you will not pull them consistently. No, this is not the same thing as conveying you're part of the secret society. A lot of the guys who get very hot girls are not card-carrying members of the secret society. For example, I've seen these male models who are unbelievable dorks and have a newbie level of game, but who still get pull very hot models. It has very little to do with their looks. There are plenty of decent-looking guys who don't get laid. Rather, they belong to the "model world" and it helps them immensely.

Here's the kicker: Nowhere does it say anything about being interesting, intelligent, well-read, having a nice bachelor pad, being spiritually grounded, whatever. It's great to do these things for their own sake. But to be blunt, hot girls don't care about any of this stuff.

You probably care because you're an intelligent guy, who wants to improve himself and stay on top of events. I do too. Hot girls don't care because they' girls, who want to laugh, gossip, dance, and hook up with fun guys. I wish there were more to it, but that's really about it. That may bother guys who are still looking for emotional security or intellectual validation from women.

Again, if you could see the average guy who is pulling hot girls, it's a big eye-opener. Take some bartender that basically runs a train on the hot waitresses at nightspots in your city. Here is a fairly accurate portrait of him: not well-read, maybe did a semester or two at community college, lives in a rundown apartment or crashes on friend's sofa, probably has a decent personality. If this guy were selling insurance, he would not get much ass. But he's a fairly socially adjusted bartender, so he does well. He's part of the same social world as many hot girls.

To reiterate, the average guy who gets hot girls is probably just an average dork. He typically made a few key lifestyle choices that you probably didn't make or had some dumb luck or both. Hidden behind the smoke and mirrors, that is pretty much the truth of the matter. Community guys can't accept this because they don't give themselves enough credit or they have propensity for self-flagelattion and histrionics: "I must self-actualize and do 1000 approaches before I pull hotties!!!" The most fundamental difference between a player and normal guy is the hobbies and lifestyles they had over the years. Yes, really.

Take a guy who had the following hobbies: played sports in highschool, waited tables at cool restaurant during the summer, and maybe joined a frat in college. A guy like this will probably be decent with women. If you put him in a socially plugged-in role, then he will probably get laid fairly regularly. On some level, most community guys realize this--or they should.

Once you combine your cold-approaches and theory, becoming part of the same social world as hotties is a fool-proof way to become good with women very quickly. So it baffles me when guys take the exact opposite route when picking their hobbies. For example, a guy might be like, "I want to be more well-rounded to attract more I'm going to learn how to snowboard." Okay…it's good they're making an effort here, but there are two problems: (1) Girls don't care if you're well-rounded. Most guys who get hot girls are not well-rounded at all. (2) Snowboarding, while a great hobby, doesn't really put you around hot girls.

If you are going to get hobbies in order to make yourself more attractive to women, you should first ask, "How will this actually help me meet the girls I want to meet?"

Otherwise, you might end up with a great physique, being impeccably well-read, self-actualized, and sitting in your pimp bachelor pad whacking it to Asian Gangbang 9. Meanwhile, across town, a DJ who thought the 11th grade was "too tough" is plowing two sorority girls.

Just food for thought.

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