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By Pimpski

Gentlemen, I've come to a great realization in what we are doing here. The power of the mind is incredible, as it has been displayed here in an environment we are all familiar with. The principles behind congruency, state, and intention are quite literally magical keys to unlock our actual potential. Especially the idea that we can decide something to exist at if all it took was a flip of a switch. These principles are extremely powerful.

I believe that these principles do more then let us alter what we currently have. I believe that they allow us to project into the world an image of what we want and it will come to us. A couple major things have happened to me recently that are bringing me to this conclusion:

I quit smoking. Its been about 2 weeks now that I haven’t had a drop of nicotine in my system, and I feel fine. I don't even miss it. I am far more health conscious and focus more on my body and how I can improve it. This happened all with nothing more then a flip of a switch. I decided (and I owe this 100% to this board) that smoking was no longer congruent with who I am. Done deal. Once I read that, I haven’t touched nicotine. This is supposed to be the most addictive substance in the world.

Secondly, I made a decision that I put 100% faith into. I decided that I want to be single and I don't want to get into an LTR. This is a decision I finally believe and have faith in (after reading Tyler's response to a previous post I wrote about being in a relationship. Thanks man.). Now in the past week, I had 2 different drama situations with 2 different girls in which case I didn't handle it properly and considered it over with both of them. Literally, within five minutes of me finally deciding that I don't want a girlfriend at all, they both called me almost at the exact same time. I answered one and the other one called after less then 2 min convo with the first one. It blew my mind.

Now, these two instances show me two separate things regarding mental power and intention. The first one is obvious and we've all heard it before: "you can do anything that you put your mind to." When you set your intentions on congruence of choice, great things happen. Your mind is as weak or as strong as you allow it to be.

The second is a little more abstract. I believe that by declaring my intentions, those intentions were put out into the world. By putting those intentions out into the world, they were answered in opposition. Once i told myself I don't want a girlfriend, two girls flock to me and make plans with me. Clearly, cause girls want what they can't have. To me, the fact that I declare something with 100% faith and they call me w/in 5 min tells me that they could sense that I no longer wanted them like that. Sounds a little out there for most of you, but to me it makes perfect sense. We get back what we project onto the world. That’s why Godfuel and I practice with something called a "Dream Board" where we've visually created many factors and assets of what we want in our life (people I want to meet, places I want to go, girls I want to have, things I want to own, etc.) and live our lives according to the intention of obtaining everything on that board. (Its a great exercise and please feel free to PM either one of us if you want more details on how to make your own Dream Board.)

But again, it all comes down to the power of intention. If you want something, you can have it. If you want to approach more girls, you can do it if you set your intention to approach x girls in y nights. If you want to learn how to escalate, then set your intentions that its natural and expected then do it. If you want to BRING MORE WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE then set your intentions that you will have X women in Y time and it will happen. All you need is faith in your intentions and belief in yourself.

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