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By Pimpski

Hey man,

Thanks for your encouragement. I can see that you're at a point in your pickup journey that you need help with the structure of your interactions with women. This is the right time to be using canned openers, routines, etc.

At my level, I don't use them at all anymore. I generally open a set by raising my glass and giving a "cheers" to everyone (great upbeat energy, instant compliance test and DHV for yourself). I usually walk around a venue like I own it, because in my world, I do own it. I'll ask people if they're having a good time as if I was the club owner and making sure everyone is having fun. I'll generally start a conversation about whatever I'm thinking about: It may be something in the venue; it may be about other venues in the area- basically anything anyone is comfortable talking about. Once the conversation starts, I analyze the girls body language and overall energy (at this point, without even thinking about it) and calibrate to it. I may randomly turn to a girl and ask her a question, or point out something about what she's wearing that I like. You can sense her level of interest right away. It takes about 2 minutes for a girl to subconsciously decide if she's going to sleep with you, so I make sure that I'm talking loudly and clearly, in a great fucking mood, and position my body language in a way that is attractive. Every movement indicates something to the girls on some level. I'll always befriend the guy in the set if he's the alpha. (If he's a beta, I'll acknowledge and respect him, but generally ignore him). Once I see that a girl is into me, i'll begin to talk to her like there is no one else in the world and that she's the only one that matters at that moment in time. The minute she acts up, I take that away and make her work for it again. This is where the "bubble" forms and she can't even hear what’s going on around her. I use the claw frequently. Once physical dominance is established, I'll escalate. I may slap her on the ass and tell her to get away if she's being bratty (of course, with a big smile on my face and NOT emotionally reactive.) I smirk ALOT. This is basically a half-smile that’s extremely endearing. Its just what I do naturally. I try to get sexual as soon as possible through physical escalation. Once that’s been established I'll kiss her whenever I want. Often time's i'll tell her to come with me somewhere, take her hand, and lead her (usually the bar or outside for a smoke). By then I've probably number closed her already. (What i generally do is once she's defiantly into me, I’ll tell her "Gimme your number before I forget to ask later." Works every time.)

You've probably noticed me say "once she's ready" or "once its been established." This is the key to calibration. You need to be able to calibrate yourself to SENSE when she's ready to move forward. This doesn't happen thru words, it happens through emotion (which is expressed in endless number of ways). Learning to sense the emotions of others is EXTREMELY important in this game. Guys and girls alike. (Even tho guys are way LESS emotionally projective, you need to know if the guy likes you or not. Make him like you. Also, its good to ask "How do you guys know each other?" when a guy is in set. You'll be able to tell right away if they're in an LTR based on the body language and tonality of their response).

That’s what I do.

As far as staple openers, here's a couple:

-"Hey I need you to help me out with something. Are ALL girls bisexual?"

HB: yes/no (you'll be able to tell her sexual freedom right away)

me: "Really. Cause here's the deal. My friend Susan just caught her little sister making out with her best friend and started freaking out. Her family is super conservative and they think she's gay. I told her all girls experiment....right?"

Conversation started.

My favorite one is simply this:

"Hey you're kinda cute and I had to meet you. My name is ____"

Simple. (Credit to Tim and Jeffy) I've made girls MELT with this. Say this with confidence and zero outcome dependence, look her in the eye and have relaxed, dominant body language.

Follow that with:

"You know what? I"m gonna make you my girlfriend for the next 5 minutes" (CLAW) *she'll giggle for sure* (Credit to Tim)

Then start the plot line: "Ok well we only have 5 minutes so we need to make this good, ok? Good. So girlfriend, how's your mom? Tell her I said thanks for the birthday gift! blah blah blah (make up random funny shit and keep her laughing). Hey girlfriend, I have something to tell you: I've been cheating on you...with your best friend." She'll go "Oh no! How could you?" and play along. "I'm really sorry girlfriend (say "girlfriend" too, not her name. Its good to stay in character) I couldn't help myself. I'm just really sexual... you know that!"

Haha, you both laugh. Good vibes. Then tell her you're going to take her dancing, grab her hand, and lead her to the dance floor. Spin her around (girls LOVE that, believe me: They think you really know what you're doing. Teach her how to "salsa" by doing 3 basic salsa dance steps. (unless you REALLY know how to salsa lol, then show her what u know but don't make it look like you're trying to impress her.)

If you get blown out, turn and focus on the next thing available as if it was WAY more exciting then she was. Go open a new set. DO NOT stand there like a chode who got "rejected." Rejection is something that you allow yourself to feel.

Work the entire room. Girls will notice you've been pre-selected instantly since they've noticed you bringing good vibes to other girls and watched them crawl all over you. If you see the AMOGs, give them a quick "What up dawg?" in passing. Help them enjoy their night as well. Usually, they're really cool guys and you can only benefit by knowing them. These are the guys I'll end up making friends with and seeing around on other nights. Usually they have girls with them, and if the girls see YOU having been pre-selected by THEIR alpha, they will associate you on the same level.

The key thing to do here is GIVE VALUE to everyone you meet. Have zero expectations of anyone. Party hard and have fun. Stay positive. If you start to feel negative, ask yourself "What is awesome about this RIGHT NOW?" Find something and appreciate it. You only live once, there is no reason to dwell on stupid shit-especially when you're out to have a GOOD TIME.

Anyways man, hope that helps.

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