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This is in response to Flannery's thread. Sometimes I write something up and realize I should have made it its own thread.

Theory is.. theory. Abstract, collected facts..

Meaning it's pretty much all bullshit past a certain point. We all know theory. Fuck. We probably talk about it in our sleep. We got it- alright. Now it's all about just cutting loose and living life having fun- not giving a shit about anyone else's opinion.. not living life/giving into a possible future scenario.

Be beholden to yourself. Take your risks

Look at dudes on here like Sanik, Gearboxx, Lowrider.. those guys are living it. Look at those pictures of Gearboxx, look at your pics on myspace with all the silliness going on. That's what this shit's about. Live the fuckin' life. Cut loose and be silly, no ego.. be a social butterfly, and do some leading. Show your personality, be crazy- run short set method all night. Grab girls and tell them you're going to go do this, and go. Leading them around is easy fuckin' ridiculous. Be crazy- and then be the guy that they can ground to and be crazy with. You are supposed to be nuts- thinking and acting out theory is fucking hard! Being a nutball is fucking easy! Don't resist any energy directed at you.. go with it- flow back with it and take it to an extreme. Then lead.

Be expressive with your body- do ridiculous poses and stare at girls. Poke them and annoy them. And laugh at them. The world is your joke, your experiment. Play with it

Flannery remember that text convo you had- that's what I mean. That was your frame- she knew she was within your confines. Don't try to be within my confines. You had what you wanted from her- she was fully sexually invested in you. Just recognize when you need to lead and do it

Be emotional- you'll get the same out of everybody else. Play games, be physical, act silly. You gotta understand. It's only childish- if they perceive you as not being responsible for your own silliness. If they realize you actually act retarded, and then have a normal conversation with someone- they're impressed. That's a.. dude

When you talk, don't sound like you're trying to sell something

Be cheerful- you'll communicate humor. Don't give a fuck, you'll communicate dominance. Don't attempt to gain any kind of reaction, or consider how someone might respond- you'll communicate a strong reality. Don't need or want anything from these girls out there. In my post on opening, I talk about not giving them that kind of eye contact that lets them know you're looking to see how they respond- well if you don't actually care or even want a reaction out of them..

Trying to find something witty to say to them? Oh yer fucked. Used to be my problem big time- I felt the need to always come up with something funny to say to open with- I was addicted.

Be unreactive- do not want any kind of fun or reaction from anybody else.

Do NOT give a fuck. Access the power of Now. Do not give a fuck so don’t care about reengaging or what they might be thinking. Be fun and do what you want

Clear your mind and be cheerful

Since you don’t want anything from anybody- you say anything. Sometimes I realize I'm actually getting mentally fixated on what I think is going on around me- and I give in too much to this. Bullshit. I don't give a fuck- I don't need anything from anybody. So I cut loose and start talkin' shit again- and of course I have a great time

Say crazy shit- sometimes you need to communicate something.. just fuckin' say it and do it. It's awesome when it comes out just raw and unsmooth.

Here's some nice ones to communicate what it is you want Hey.. suck on my tongue Ever kissed a bunny between the ears.. (pull out your pants pockets) Look at those lips... perfect lips... If I'd kiss em I'd die, it's not fair. Hi you’re sexy, I’m Jonathan

Bring a girl into your reality- be expressive of who you are.

There is always a story to tell.. there is always something going on that leads into a story about my life. She says something.. I say “Yeah!” and launch into a story about my own life. I can tell a story about the most random “unfun” stuff- but I am enrapturing to listen to. So she loves it..

Seriously. You can talk about how you couldn't open up a mayonnaise jar- but since you are so involved in it- and so expressive of the emotions involved.. she's just like "Oh really? So did you put mayonnaise on the sandwich?" Or she might not say shit.. but she's standing there, and that's enough for me

Anyways just some thoughts I had.. I realize I need to post up stuff rather than just collecting shit in text files on my desktop, haha. The other half of this post is masculinity. I've been writing up that one for fuckin' months, haha

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