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By Pimpski[A.K.A. Danny Ocean]

As I pour myself a drink from our private bar, I see Sparky looking down at the massive crowd below us. The stage is swarmed with thousands of people, all screaming and dancing to the loud pounding trance music blasting through the speakers. This party is out of control. Sparky turns to me and puts his hand on my shoulder:

Sparky: Dude, we’re on top of the world.

Danny O: Yeah man, it doesn’t get any better then this.

In the last few hours, I’ve climbed the social hierarchy and worked my way into all access VIP to the entire venue. The bands on our wrists were being worn by 32 out of the 8,000 people at the show, and sold for $2,000 each. I had access to absolutely anything I wanted. Every bar, every stage, every girl: It didn’t matter. We were the epitome of high value, and we didn’t have to pay a dime.

This is my life. This is where my practice of real social dynamics has taken me. As my 1000th post to the Real Social Dynamics forum, I offer to you this field report:

[edit] =====================================

Danny Ocean and Sparky Lord San Francisco

By Danny Ocean and Sparky

Its Friday night at 6:00 and my cab finally arrives. After rushing around like a madman, I’m finally all set and ready to go to San Francisco and party with Sparky for the weekend. I met Sparky a month earlier, when he and Jeffy were out in my town. We ran some incredibly tight game that night, and I knew that the weekend was sizing up to be something monumental.

I hop the flight and land in San Fran around 9:30. Sparky picks me up from baggage claim and its strait to the clubs from there. No fucking around here, lets get to it. As we drive to the first venue, we get really pumped up to hit it hard. The first venue is a Daft Punk afterparty, which wasn’t going on until later. It was so dead we almost didn’t go in at all….but something told me that it was worth checking out.

Inside to grab a drink and warm up a bit. I approach the bar and see a girl wearing a ridiculous headband. She tells me that every girl in San Francisco loves head bands and owl necklaces. Weird.

DO: Dude whats up with the girls here?

Sparky: She’s a hipster dude. There are a ton of girls like that in san fran.

Interesting. I’ve never been to San Fran before so I was definitely in for some new culture. Nothing more then calibration. The girl is boring and negative, but at least she was a good warm up. On to the next venue. We get stamped for re-entry and leave.

The second venue is MUCH more like it. Its an upscale club with a old fashioned feel to it. I see that Sparky is very well connected in San Fran as we walk by the line and straight into the club. Nice. His bar tender is working so we get hooked the fuck up. Even better. I look around at the girls: lots of 8s and 9s swarming around….surrounded by chodes. Not a single player in the vicinity. Perfect.

Next thing you know, sets are blowing wide open. We talk to every girl around us, get our state high and head upstairs. I’m really digging this bar. The scenery is dope and the girls are hot. What more do you need?

I roll upstairs and approach a 6 set sitting down, toasting them all and getting rowdy. Sparky opens a 2 set near the balcony while I go open another 2 set near the bar. These girls are both 9s and hook instantly. I bring em over to Sparky who’s got his set hooked already. This type of shit goes on for a few hours. It got to the point where we’re blowing eachother out by bringing in more chicks then we can handle. The minute one set hooks, another one gets thrown in the mix.

This kind of shit went on all night. We met up with Christoph for a bit at a bar, but didn’t stay long. (I could tell the minute I met him why he has the reputation he does). We hit up 5 venues total, then backtracked our way through them all. Numbers were flying into our phone faster then we could program them. Sparky knows every bouncer at every club and we don’t wait for jack shit. In we go.

Sparky’s approach is great. Real friendly, real strait forward. I saw him approach a girl waiting outside and she hooked immediately. Next thing you know, some megachode comes out of no where and says “Ohhh no you don’t!” and grabs her away, thinking he’s the man. I could tell she was still into him as she was literally dragged away. Actually, we didn’t get blown out once. Infact, I don’t even think getting “blown out” exists anymore. If I’m not entertained, I leave. That’s my decision, not the girls.

We’re bringing the party everywhere we go. We end up back at the second venue and lord the bar some more. Most people already recognize us, but there are a couple new ones (still no player in sight ). We go nutty on the dance floor. Sparky is backing it up to EVERY girl in the area. Hilarious. He finds HB Fullhouse and I end up kickin it with some girl from my home state. Its cool but its time to move on. I kiss this chick and number close her, Sparky number closes HBfullhouse and we move on.

Back to the first venue. The band has arrived and the party is hoppin. We chatted up the girl running the VIP area so we go back in through that way:

DO: Hey sweetheart! You gonna let us back in or what?

HB: WHAT did you just say?

DO: Um…..Sweetheart? lol

HB: I’m not your sweet heart!!!!

DO: I didn’t say you were MY sweetheart.

She laughs and waves us through the front of the line. The place is jumpin BUT they’re not serving alcohol anymore and its getting kinda lame. We decide to go outside and see whats going on. Not much. We walk out the exit gate, and notice 3 hotties trying to get in the VIP line next to the tour bus.

We approach. They’re not interested. They’re very focused on getting inside. One even tries to climb the fence. They’re not giving us any attention at all.

Sparky: Dude we’re being chode.

DO: I know man, this is gay. Lets go.

I take about 3 steps towards the street near the back of the bus. Suddenly I stop, look up, and turn the fuck around. I’m not giving up THAT easily.

DO: Fuck this shit, lets do this.

I lord my way over to the hottest girl in the set. I don’t remember what I said, but it rubbed her the wrong way. She actually started repeating what I said out loud in a really bitchy tone. I could tell I pushed her buttons already. Good.

DO: HEY! Why are you being so mean?

HB: Me? I’m not being mean! You’re the one….

DO: No no no no…Hey.

Its like I reset the interaction with a warm smile and some good ol’ fashioned laser eyes. It was ON.

Looks like these girls can’t get in. Toooo bad.

Sparky: Hey lets go get burritos and beers. I’ll drive. Lets go. Letsgo. Sko…sko..sko.sko…sko.sko..sko

Rapid fucking fire. He kept saying it over, and over, and over again. I joined in and after like 30 seconds we hear….”ok!”

I’m already vibing with this girl pretty hard. It amazes me how girls can pick up on attraction. When we get to Sparky’s Benz, I call shotgun. My girl’s friend is already there. She tells me she thinks I should sit in back with HB and looks at her. Wow, she can tell its on already? Awesome. Not only that, but she condones it. I’m in the back seat with the claw in full effect. Fuck it, I end up reaching further and clawing the hamburgler in as well. Now I got two girls in one claw. Sweet.

We get back to Club Jeffy and the girls get cold feet at the door. One of them says “We don’t want to go in”

Sparky: Um, ok. Well I’m going to go get a beer and drink it outside I guess.

DO: Yeah, its cool girls come on in. Want some vodka?

Girl: NO.

DO: Um….ok. Well I want a beer too.

Then my girl looks at me and says “Beer? I want a beer!” and follows Sparky inside. I just say “Cool!” and follow. Her two friends follow.

So right now we have My HB, a Hamburgler, and another girl. Turns out their Bosnian exchange students. That’s pretty damn cool. We get inside Club Jeffy.

The girls stand in a huddle near the front door, obviously uncomfortable, until Fluffy and Steve enter the hallway. For those who don’t know, Fluffy is Jeffy’s adorable (slightly cross-eyed) cat and Steve is the other cat, they definitely pulls their own weight. The girls pet the cats and are instantly their defenses drop…after all, we’ve got two cats, how dangerous can we really be?? 

Moments later, Owl gets home. The girls immediately feel even more comfortable since Owl is a very good looking guy who’s quiet and jacked as fuck. Typical bar tender dude. Cool guy. It helps to have a 3rd.

Next thing I know I’m wrestling around on a bearskin rug in front of the fireplace (hahaha, yeah ummm, you may wanna burn whatever you were wearing while rolling around on that thing ). Fuck yeah.

So at this point Me and Owl are chatting to two of the girls while D.O. is having a romp with his Bosnian sweetheart in the living room behind the romantic shoji screens. You can tell the girl’s are really close and are showing signs of concern about their friend. In true wingman fashion I playfully say:

Sparky: Looks like your friend likes my friend

HB: No she doesn’t, she doesn’t like anybody

Sparky: Are you kidding me? My friend is a fucking stud…

HB: <calling out> Hey HBBosnian, are you alright?

Bosnian: <Very surprised/enthusiastic> Yeah!! He’s actually really fun!

Sparky: Hah, see

HB: Wow <very surprised>, she never likes anybody!

Sparky: Cool…come check out the view from my room…

I take my girl up to my room, where in my drunken stupor I clumsily run through the motions of game, bang some strings on my guitar, and try to close…haha not quite happening

I end up outside with this girl getting it on…hard. She’s totally into me. We go back inside and all I can think about is where I’m about to fuck this girl. Unfortunately, the Hamburgler was half asleep on the steps. She was the sober driver and was getting really cranky….especially since she was the only one NOT getting macked on. Fine, I’ll bang me a Bosnian another time. We drive them to the car.

I’m in the back seat playing around with my HB and call her phone (I’ve obviously number closed by now) and her voicemail picks up:

DO: Hey HB its Danny, I’m sitting next to you right now….

The girls start cracking up. I tell my HB to say hi to herself and her friends all want to say hi as well. It was a funny message that definitely anchored good vibes for the next day. I make out some more and we drop them off, drive home, and pass the fuck out.

We’ve had a blast so far, but the story is just beginning.

We wake up and get breakfast, laughing and sharing horror stories from our chode days. Our waitresses are hot Russians and they love me for some reason. Maybe its because I’m polish, I dunno. Our waitress comes to take our order and I wanted to suck her into our world for a moment.

Waitress: Are you guys ready to order?

DO: I don’t know yet….(put down the menu and focus all my attention on her) What you YOU like?

Time slows down for a minute and she smiles, getting a little flustered.

Waitress: Well I like the burgers here (giggling a bit)

DO: Really…that sounds good. But…..I don’t really want a burger for breakfast!

She laughs, blushes, and I order an omelet.

For me this was the most interesting part of the weekend. People light up when D.O. speaks to them – he has an amazing ability to break through the assigned roles of the situation and actually connect with the person behind the title. So when he asks the waitress “what do you recommend?” he’s not asking from the position of customer to waitress, he’s asking as D.O. to Anna – and she responds as Anna sharing her favorite foods. A lot of this is accomplished through his timing – so when the waitress asks “are you ready to order” there’s a pause, smile, and a slow “what do you recommend?”.

We go sight seeing and have a great time all day. San Fran is a beautiful place. I call MyHB from the night before and she doesn’t answer.

Sparky: Dude, you have 1 week. If you don’t get a callback, I’m fucking her. You’ll be stirring my milkshake if you ever see her again.

DO: AGH! Lol fine. That’s totally fair.

The thing is, I knew he was serious. That’s how it is man, take action or someone else will. And with a guy like Sparky, I knew it would only be a matter of one day-2.

Now its time for the main event. I have general VIP tickets to a huge techno show at the civic center, which is actually the reason I planned the trip in the first place. This is totally my scene. I’m dressed to fucking KILL, and we roll up to the venue pretty early.

There are thousands of people waiting in line but we walk right in. No one that works there seems to know where we need to go to get our VIP stuff. They’re basic tickets that allow us access to a single side stage, but its way cooler then sitting in a pit of ravers. We get directed to about 6 different rooms and end up near the premier VIP section. A guy comes out of the room, dressed well and clearly in charge of something.

This is exactly the guy I needed to meet. I tell him whats going on and how we havn’t gotten our stuff yet. He apologizes for the disorganization. I’m speaking from a place of high value, because I am high value. I’m bringing a positive vibe to the situation. Sparky watches as I bullshit around with this guy.

MainMan: If I’m not back in 10 minutes…ummmm… wait longer.

Probably the funniest thing we heard all day (close tie with the random windowchode who popped out of nowhere lol). We grab a cocktail and kick back.

Next thing you know, MainMan comes back with another guy who’s holding two platinum colored wrist bands. I begin to ask him about them to make sure they’re the right ones…..but Sparky shoots me a quick look and I stop talking. I knew what was going on.

MainMan: Sorry about the bullshit guys, have a great night.

Premier VIP and all access. Beautiful. Now we can really get this shit crackin.

We begin lording the venue VIP style. I’m in my element. I talk to some hottie who’s supposedly guarding some stairs. Haha yea right. She’s kissing my ass for some reason. Two Russian girls approach us and we start vibing. Sparky takes one in the other room and I sit down with the other. She tells me about her husband who’s on his way. Riiiight…no thanks lol I eject.

Sparky’s on the couch with two other Russians. Wtf is up with Russian girls in San Fran? Lol. I roll in and they both start throwing IOIs at me.

Again, something about this guy just makes people light up. There’s a slowness to his movements and the way he speaks that conveys a level of honesty and genuineness that people – guys and girls – recognize and appreciate.

HBRussian: Where are you from?

DO: Um….I’m down in LA.

HBRussian: What do you do there?

DO: I… there.

HBRussian: But what do you do?

Fucking gold diggers. They get a sniff of high value and start probing.

DO: I’m an ass model. (I start shaking my ass and shoving it in their face)

HBRussian: Haha, what do you really do?

DO: (turn to Sparky) What the fuck, is this an interview? I put shit in people’s backs…like…surgery?

HBRussian: Eww! Gross!

Good. Go away, you’re not getting into my wallet gold digga lol. I’m bored with these girls already. IOIs mean nothing, especially when they’re driven by material things.

We head to the other VIP stage next to the main DJ booth. Some young chick opens me from behind and I claw her in instantly. She’s digging me, but she’s also asking me for a drink and a cig. More gold digging?!? She was probably a 9 but that shit turns me right off. We head back to the premier VIP section and run into MainMain

MainMan: Whats up dude!? How’s your night?

DO: Awesome man, thanks again.

MainMan: No problem. Can you believe people paid $2000 for those things?

DO: Haha yeah man that’s pretty funny.

This guy works directly under the guy who threw the entire show. He’s got the most power out of anyone in this venue.

MainMan: Dude, this guy from Vegas just slipped me $120 to help him find his booth.

DO: No shit! That’s awesome.

MainMan: Speaking of which, there he is.

This guy rolls up with his girl. I know immediately that he’s high value as he joins the convo. I bullshit with him for a bit and find out he’s a DJ in Vegas. Cool. His girl turns out to be his wife. That’s cool too. It her birthday so they’re celebrating. I’m vibing with him and his wife, bringing value and positive energy.

DJ: Hey we’re going up to the booth. You guys need to come!

DO: Yeah man totally.

MainMan: You guys didn’t get lanyards did you. Well, looks like I’ll have to escort you. Its my job to take care of VIP right? Haha

So here we are, being escorted by the MainMan to our new private booth. As we walk by, girls are eye fucking the shit out of us, reaching towards us, DDB look everywhere. MainMan talks to the security guard:

MainMan: Hey I’m MainMan and I’m running this party. Thanks a lot for your help tonight. These two guys are cleared to go wherever they want. These two right here. Thanks again.

We’re in. We’re more then in, we’re on top. Our booth is filled with party people and hot girls. I noticed one girl dancing in the corner with a killer body. She notices me and starts dancing sexier. I stay passive and pay attention to the pitcher of Grey Goose someone is handing me.

I’m on top of the world.

Some chode is standing behind her dancing. Actually, I wouldn’t even call it dancing. He was kinda just standing there, slightly stepping and moving his hips maybe an inch. He was Chodestepping. It was hilarious.

Sparky: Dude, you better go over there and handle that before that chode actually gets somewhere.

DO: I don’t have to.

Sparky: What? What do you mean you don’t have to.

DO: That girl is into me. I didn’t have to say anything. She saw who we came with, she knows I’m high value.

Sparky: I dunno dude….

DO: Watch.

I turn towards her and take half a step. She JUMPS away from him and starts getting sexy. I turn back to Sparky.

DO: See what I mean?

Sparky: Dude…..

Ok, dance time. I get up on the girl and start dancing. She loves me and her hands are all over my chest. We have a good time dancing and I go grab another cocktail.

DJ: Whats up bro? Ready for the after party?

DO: Fuuuuck yeah I am.

Awesome. Not only do we have the best seats in the house and most exclusive access anywhere, but now we’re invited to the exclusive after party. The show is almost over so we all meet up in the hallway. I get to talking to people and it turns out that the chick I was dancing with is a hardcore lesbian. Sweet? Lol sounds like a challenge but I can pull other girls if I want. The after party is gonna be full of them.

We arrive at about 4am. This place is sick as fuck and totally underground. We meet up with our crew and party our balls off. One of the Russian girls from earlier comes up to me all DDB eyes so I claw her in. She’s cute. I think I made out with her, I don’t remember.

Its 6 in the morning. I’m fucking beat. I don’t feel like pulling a girl tonight. I could, but I choose not to. I just had one of the best nights of my life. Girls were part of it, but they’re not everything.

I woke up at Club Jeffy around noon. My body spent from the last two nights of insanity and I had a flight to catch. Sparky and I stop to grab sandwiches and smoothies (which really hit the fucking spot lol). We talked about the shit that just happened and what we learned in game. I learned a lot from Sparky, especially about pulling so quickly. We had quite the debrief outside in downtown San Fran.

As we drove over to the airport, we talked about the epic field report that we had to write.

Sparky: Dude, I’ll post it so you don’t mess up your precious 1000th post lol DO: Actually? I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate.

I fly home and sleep on the plane. It’s a short flight. In the last 48 hours, I’ve seen a whole new world and had a great experience. As I wait for my ride from LAX, the phone rings.

Its MyHB from Friday night. Turns out she’s also at LAX but about to board. There’s a moment of hesitation as she almost comes outside to see me before her flight which is boarding in 10 minutes lol. She had just spent the day and night in Beverly Hills where apparently she’s moving in 3 weeks. Not to mention, she can’t wait to see me.

Looks like I won’t be stirring anyone’s milkshake after all.

The End.

[edit] Debrief

One of my biggest philosophies in game is that it is just as important to have the men of a social scene to respect you as it is to have the girls attracted to you. Lead the men and the women will follow. This philosophy is practiced throughout this field report and I will now share it with you. I’ve been asked to explain how I bring value to both men and women and the answer is simple: I keep it real.

Real value and social value are completely different. Real value is intrinsic while social value is manufactured. Real value is things like health, intelligence, skills, etc. It is real value that keeps us alive. Cavemen lived on real values. Social values came as populations congregated throughout history. They were once based on real values. Today’s society is completely different. Social value is fabricated, like puppets on strings. For years already, society has conditioned us to believe that value is what they tell us it is.

With that being said, we can see that social value is created, not admired. This means that you are as valuable as you allow yourself to be. Other people will find value in you in the experience you give them. Have you enhanced their life in any way? If the answer is yes, then you are of social value to them. What is the best way to bring value? Communicate it. How do you communicate? Conversation. Now we’re getting somewhere.

The easiest thing for anyone to converse about is something you all have in common. When working a set, start with something in your immediate environment and share your experience with them. The venue, the style of dress, a drink, etc. Just share YOUR experience and perspective. Not what you see, but how you see it. Everyone enjoys a light hearted conversation, but most people are boring. Talk about it in your own unique way. Lead into stories. Let your mind wander and just start talking. Soon enough, you will strike a thread that you can all relate to. Now you’re building rapport with the entire set.

All of this is done w/o sharing mundane details about your life. No one wants to have the same conversation over and over again. When in isolation, get them talking about themselves. Ask probing questions that make them go deeper into their topic. You are giving them an opportunity to expose themselves and talk about their favorite subject: Themselves. People love to talk about themselves and their dreams. They will tell you all about themselves without you having revealing anything about yourself. There is a power dynamic to this. Now, they’re self is exposed while you’re still a *******. Human nature is that of curiosity. Getting someone excited to tell you about themselves without your immediate reciprocation creates that curiosity. Of course, you need to be a good listener (which is one of the top things girls logically claim they look for in a guy anyways). Just never pretend that you’re interested if you’re not. Don’t be fake.

Recognize each person you talk to as a unique individual. Remember little details of their life that they share with you and make references to them later when appropriate (and in a joking manor). Be inviting in your conversation, allow them to feel comfortable opening up to you. You have to be open yourself in order to “open” other people. At the same time, don’t ever linger on a single topic with a single person. Be random. Don’t expect your audiences attention and never fixate on one individual for too long (unless you’re going to pull really soon). Allow your interest to wander. When you ARE paying attention, give them your all; just don’t force it. If you see something more interesting, notice it. Once your audience sees that your attention is diverted, they will try to get it back; especially since you’re probably the only one who is genuinely interested.

People often seek external validation subconsciously. Take interest in what they are saying and encourage them, but allow your attention to wander. Make them earn it. The enthusiasm you bring to them about their SELF is the value you bring. If you begin to take that away, they will want it back. Getting your attention now has value in itself.

Before you can bring value to other people, you have to see the value in yourself. Learn to know and love yourself. Every little quirk that you may try to hide from the status quo is actually a little gold nugget of your self trying to shine through. Don’t suppress it. Its OK to do, say, or think anything you want. That’s what makes you YOU. Everyone lives by the same social conditioning we do. The difference is, we can see what’s going on. Live outside of social value and make your own rules. Live for now and enjoy the now. The past is done and later comes later. Now is what matters. Just be happy to be there.

Treat everyone as an equal. This means dropping your ego and seeing through the ego of others. Do not judge anyone by social value. You are above that because you understand what it is. Never try to impress anyone. If you try to impress someone, it will come across as bragging. This is done by imposing your ego (the image in which you think is your self) onto others in an attempt to demonstrate value and get a reaction. Not only is this phony, but others will feel threatened by your blatant attempt to prove dominance over them. At the same token, don’t submit to the ego needs of others. Stay neutral yet encouraging. If someone is bragging to you about how awesome they are, simply saying “that’s cool man” without being impressed can level the playing field. Acknowledge the achievement of others and encourage them to feel good about themselves, just don’t let any of this allow your perception of their value change. Everyone is equal. Social value is an illusion.

Guys in particular have ego needs, and when you don’t know about them, they’re extra sensitive. The guy who’s trying to impress you realizes that you’re neutral either way and feels a slight jolt to his self esteem. That will only make him try harder. His rant didn’t impress you so in his mind, you’re higher value then he is. Bragging is a low status behavior, so if someone is bragging to you, they’re seeking your approval. They are not confident in themselves. Guys who ARE confident in themselves rarely talk about their achievements, but instead are more focused on what they are striving towards. Share your goals and outlook on life. Going back to understanding yourself, know WHY you have the goals you do. When its your turn to talk about YOUR self, you won’t come off as bragging but instead, inspiring.

Be the guy that everyone loves to be around. Never spend too much time with one set. Instead, work the room. Your presence is most valued when you’re not around. When running into the same set, make an entrance and bring a positive vibe. Your time is scarce but valuable. If you have a drink in your hand, toast the set to whatever the fuck you feel like toasting to. If not then just make a loud entrance with a “What’s up everybody?” This is how you “bring” the party. The whole set lights up when you arrive, every time they see you. The key to making everyone like you is to get them laughing. Its also important to remember things about each individual and bring them up later. Use their names when you talk to them and look them in the eye. They will see that you are a sincere person who is genuinely interested in them as a person; not just a party ego.

At the same time, its important to realize that not everyone is worth your time. Dudes can be real assholes and girls can be psychotic bitches. I can list a million reasons what could potentially be WRONG with the girls you’re going after. This is why you can never take them seriously until you really get to know them. If you get “blown out” by a set, then its actually a good thing. You’re just discovering at an earlier stage that they’re not cool people. You just saved yourself the hassle of wasting your time and finding that out later. Use this as a filter. If they don’t open up to you the move on. Its nothing personal. Everyone has their own “type” of people, guys and girls alike. Girls are really picky, and if you’re not their “type” then so be it. There is absolutely no reason to change who you are to appease the taste of others. Just find people that you can vibe with.

Everyone is trying to fulfill a role to some degree. Either they’re feeding their ego and fulfilling the role they’ve created for themselves socially, or they’re at work and filling the role that their job requires. Break though that barrier and connect with the person behind it. This is done by acknowledging that role, but not accepting it as their self. In terms of people at work (such as the Russian waitress or MainMan), realize that they are just playing the part and that there is more to them then that. The waitress opened up to me instantly because I got through to her. I wasn’t a “customer” asking the “waitress” what she recommends, I was a person asking another person what she likes. With MainMan, I wasn’t a “club kid” talking to the “event organizer,” I was a person telling another person what I just went through. He just happened to have the authority to make things better.

Connect with people. Social dynamics are communication trends that emerge in society which is comprised of PEOPLE. Each person is an individual trying to live in that society. See the person behind the mask without judgment. In short, treat others as you would like to be treated. When you speak from the heart, you attract people who do the same. Better yet, if people aren’t used to being treated like that, then you will make their lives that much better. Just never get attached to people who aren’t worthy of your value. If they don’t reciprocate, they’re not worth your time.

Ultimately it is YOU who has the choice of who you bring into your life. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground, and never compromise your values for anyone.

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