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Tonight, I ran some of the tightest sets ever. Motherfucking Cuba Gooding Jr himself came by to give me props and start a convo with me at X-LA Hotspot.

MISINTERPRETATIONS ARE A MUST. The big things that I’m realzizing is that misinterpretations are a must. The reason why they’re a must is because no matter what the girl says, she’s playing into your frame. She compliments you, “Hey, so you want ot get out of here.” If you’re not doing them, do them the next motherfucking set you open.

MAKE SURE THAT YOU TONS OF QUALIFIERS WITH A RELEASE AT THE END Next thing is that you have to qualify, if you’re not doing it do it. If you’re not doing it, the girl’s going to say, “I bet I’m the 9th girl you’ve gotten the number from.” The reason why it’s no good is because you will get flakes whenever the girl knows that it’s you calling, and she says to herself, “Oh, hey, it’s that guy who gamed him up…I don’t really like him.” Xaneus fucking gamed up a Playboy model right in front of her boyfriend, and he was trying to pull her away yet she didn’t leave. He said the key was that he was constantly qualifying the girl but then pull it away at the very end. Remember reel then release. MASTER THIS TRAIT.

UNDERSTAND PUSH/PULL. Next thing, you have to understand and use the structure of push/pull, “That’s an interesting jacket. I wouldn’t like it, but you make it work.”

FUCKING CLOSE. “Coffees for closers” There are three big closes that are key: kiss, #, and fuck. Push constantly for these three way points. You’re not shit UNLESS you’re closing. “What’s my name?” “Fuck you’s my name.” Be a closer not a gay boy. (Watch Alex Baldwin’s rant on Glengary Glenross)

PUSH PUSH THE SET. Push for isolations, extractions, #s, kisses, and then of course fucks.

PUSH/PULL FOR PEAK ENERGY.. When the energy is at it’s PEAK, use one of these three lines (or more if you can come up with them):

1.) You girls are the coolest girls I’ve met in the last…15 minutes 2.) You girls are either the coolest girls I’ve ever met…or total weirdos. 3.) Part of me wants to stay here and talk with you, but part of me wants to run away. 4.) You and I wouldn’t get along. You wouldn’t take my shit, and I wouldn’t take yours.

BUST ON THEIR MANNERISMS. I’ve been hanging out with some of the top comics in the country, and I’ve learned a shit load from them. By the way, take stand-up comedy classes….totally worth it. When they’re running a rough set, they’ll switch to busting on their mannerisms.

HAVE A MINIMUM STANDARD OF APPROACHES. Kind of like when you go to the gym, you have a minimum number of sets. Do this with game. For those that say, “I lay first chic I see” then fucking # close 4 sets as you’re extracting this girl. That’s what I did tonight with this hottie hired gun who I was closing, and then jumped into another set to get her opinion. You must do this, and it’s been emphasized by my good buddy Mystery…keep doing that shit.


PAY ATTENTION TO THE GIRL DURING THE OPINION OPENER. If you’re not using opinion openers, then fucking A you’re missing out on the best conversational piece. Don’t know what to say in conversation, try using Jealous Girlfriend. It’s over. Even Naturals have taken and used the opinion openers that I’ve taught them. Mike Rockefeller, our intern, has fucked 40+ chics in the past few years before entering the game, and he was saying how much he loved the opinion opener.

The big realization that I learned from winging with Style was that he genuinely cares about what the girl has to say. His belief is that every girl is a new adventure. I noticed that whenever he runs the opinion opener, he’s not waiting for the next moment to run the next routine. He stays on the thread of the opinion opener for a while, and then he starts vibing with them and talks about a wide array of topics. He told me that I was jumping around too much from topic to topic too much, and rather just needed to slow down.

WATCH THE RHYTM OF YOUR VOICE. I learned from watching an international pimp and drug dealer pull chics was that he had a smooth rhythm in his voice. It wasn’t choppy or sporatic, it was nice and smooth. (This is kind of advanced, but maybe this will help a couple of you guys)

--Geoff aka The Champ, G-Spot, G-Unit, Make-out King, and most importantly a CLOSER

(c) REAL Social Dynnnnnnamics

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