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First of all, let me explain where the term came from. Over the years, my friends have come to call me "homewrecker" or "icepick" because for WHATEVER REASON all the girls I end up making my gf had bf's when i met them. As in, since I was 15, I have only ended up seriously dating one girl who was single when we met.

So, the term Tow Truck is kind of a misnomer in that I am not actively trying to rid girls of their boyfriends. Instead, I do not take the presence of a boyfriend as a reason for me to NOT communicate my entire self. I just keep on going being the awesome person I know I am, and make it clear that i DO desire them.

This is very hard for me to explain, because it is NOT SOMETHING I CONSCIOUSLY DO. I had no system for it. Honestly, it was autopilot. I came to the conclusion eventually that most single girls I met were single for very very good reasons.... they were crazy hookers, low value, really boring, or a multitude of other horribly unattractive personality traits that kill attraction for me so much more than "being only a 7 or 8." I'm going to try my best and look at how I am and describe it to talk about what Tow Trucking is.

The breakdown...

Towtrucking In order of IMPORANCE 1. Unreactive - You will be shot down here and there, Gauranteed. If you are reactive you look like you just want sex.

2. High Value attraction - Do not try to break people up. Communicate your awesomeness so she makes her own decision to be with you.

3. Escalation - generally they won't cheat on their boyfriend, so sprinkling kino is just to build the attraction. It should be part of your high value personality.

4. Actions not Words - You can't TELL them whats up, you have to show them. Words are hollow, communicate with your behaviours (see above)

5. Friendship - I hear LJBF all the time. It's meaningless words that she spits to cover up her desires for you if you are behaving correctly. Read her actions not her words, same as #5.

If you read this list of importance from BOTTOM TO TOP, #5 to #1, you will be reading it in the ORDER OF ACTION.

1. Friendship - They are welcomed into your reality. Friendship. Be friends but not JUST friends, if you catch my drift.

2. Actions not Words - show her through actions what you are about. You cannot tell her things like "hey im better than your man" or "dump your guy for me because I'm high value!" You have to BE it, and SHOW her you are a sexual prospect, not TELL her.

3. Escalation - You have to escalate the RELATIONSHIP. This does not mean just Kino, you have to establish SEXUALITY. There are tons of posts on this:

Sparky on "Getting Sexual"

Manwhore on "Sexual Projection (1000th post)"


4. High Value Attraction - You are looking to establish DEEP AND WIDE RAPPORT. You need to communicate that you are amazing, show the value you have to offer (SHOW NOT SAY) and generate extreme MAGNETISM with both your polarity and hers, until the point she MAKES HER OWN DECISION to be with you. You must suck her into reality by showing her yours is the best reality to be in.

5. Unreactiviy - Along this road at many points, especially when trying to close, you are facing the jaws of being shot down almost definitely. You must be COPMLETELY UNREACTIVE and not OUTCOME DEPENDANT. This is the core of the entire philosophy. You need to exist as your own being, your reality stands on its own. No man is an Island? BULL SHIT. You are an ENTIRE FUCKING PLANET capable of sustaining LIFE... Life of THOUSANDS OF SPECIES ALL FUCKING RAMPANTLY and having a grand old time eating tons of exotic fruits on white sand beaches skirted by transparent turquoise oceans of bliss...

It is such a tight line to walk...

-You CANNOT end up being an Orbiter, you have to do your own thiing and be that friend she totally would fuck if only she didn't have a man. -You CANNOT get LJBF'ed by action. Hearing the words means nothing, she could say whatever she wants you can tell if she still wants to fuck you. -You CANNOT be some sex crazed creep who is trying to get her to cheat on her man or who just wants bangbangbang.

You must BE, not DO. Do without Doing You must INVEST YOURSELF but not be AFFECTED. Care without Caring. This is the Tao of pickup.

All of this is part of a much bigger world view that I doubt I am prepared to fully express... but I intend to write on it more later -Essence of being a Man -personal and secondary polarity vs magnetism -Strengths, Weaknesses and Achilles principle -Power of Romance

it will come in time. I hope this post has been adequate, if not please comment or ask questions



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