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Release Date: August 1, 2007

This 12 disc DVD set outlines the potent life-altering power of personal growth and transformation undertaken by each of the following RSD Instructors: Tim, Ozzie, Jeffy, Hoobie and Tyler. Devoting two discs per speaker, as well as two discs to the entire panel, this product instructs and motivates toward taking the steps toward radically redefining and living a lifestyle more sexually abundant and more free.


[edit] Discs 1 and 2: Tim

Tim will bring you:

  • His personal KILLER GAME PLAN that will give you a quick and easy ROAD MAP to hours of instantaneous conversational material and the STRUCTURE of how to take things to new levels in any venue with the women who you want the most.
  • Discover the power and LIFESTYLE of ‘The Claw’ that instantly tells EVERY woman in the room that you are a STRONG man that knows how to LEAD and can give potentially extremely powerful emotions that women DESIRE and LOVE.
  • Spontaneous LIVE demonstrations with audience members for conversing in SPECIFIC tonalities (that women are attracted to no end and detect like RADARS) and simple dancing techniques that convey ‘cool’ no matter what music is playing.
  • Tim’s own detailed analysis of core beliefs of “the natural” mind frame, which ALONE can elevate YOUR INNATE NATURAL ABILITY to attract and keep beautiful women to the point of it’s just, “Who I AM” and where things “Just happen”.
  • The #1 rule to completely eliminate "Approach Anxiety" and effortlessly approach a woman you want to meet in ANY situation (in many regards, this rule may be the most important concept to deal with ANYTHING in life…)
  • A DOMINANT and EMOTIONALLY RELEVANT way of communicating using body language, voice tone, and emotional spiking patterns that triggers instant physical and emotional responses in a women (Women will GLOW when you show them you know how to do this!)
  • A secret way to "flipping the script" and have women chasing you from the EXACT moment you decide that she is the girl worth pursuing
  • A way to flip powerful emotional switches that make it impossible for a woman to get you out of her mind (YES!... when you trigger these emotions, she'll THINK about you ALL the time)
  • How to EXPRESS your dominance and OWN any interaction (Alleviating those conversations that you feel may be slipping away…)
  • Secrets to gaining social proof that will make you “the man” at the club and TRIPLE your opportunities to meet women
  • How to integrate the styles and techniques of the best in a way that's completely congruent to your personality
  • How to talk about yourself in a way that makes women find you intriguing and builds their curiosity... even if you consider yourself an "ordinary" guy
  • Real-life insights and step by step plan to quickly transform yourself from CHUMP who can't talk to woman without getting nervous to a self-confident CHAMPION who is 100% comfortable in his own skin.
  • Powerful mental exercises routinely taught on bootcamp that cultivates the ULTIMATE positive vibe within you that will cause women to be wildly intrigued (and frequently aroused) by your presence ALONE
  • A detailed, step-by-step method to make a HEART-POUNDING impression with a woman in the first 2 minutes (The type of impression that she’ll be telling her girl friends about for weeks…if not longer)
  • How to create mini-bonds and unbreakable emotional connections with women within the first 5 minutes that will make her want to keep talking to you ALL NIGHT.
  • How to draw out a woman’s bubbly "sweet spot" with an unusual and masterful conversation technique... (and gain MASSIVE comfort with her as if you’ve been dating for years)
  • How to escalate to physical levels twice as fast by pushing her away!
  • A way to eliminate the deadly “mind virus” of comparing yourself to others and start living for YOU.
  • REAL audience demonstrations of how to leave messages, talk on the phone, and set up dates so a woman be so intrigued that she will call YOU (When you know this secret it will relieve you of years of frustration of women not returning your calls)
  • Reprogram your subconscious so you feel you DESERVE to be with attractive women (HINT: the price of years of therapy wouldn’t tell you as much about yourself than this important technique.)
  • A step-by-step “in the field” exercise to cure approach anxiety FAST… so you'll never again hesitate when you see a woman you want to meet
  • Dynamic ways to use YOUR words and body to trigger “autopilot” responses in a woman that biologically FORCE her to feel attraction for you.
  • A difference in the way guys who are the best with women see THEMSELVES that women intuitively recognize fast (this contrast alone will give you the proper perspective you need to make it a permanent part of your identity)

[edit] Discs 3 & 4: Ozzie

Ozzie will show you:

  • Inventive ways to comfortably extract women from venues so you’re not for the night with “just a pocket full of numbers”.
  • Unravel the insider secrets of how NATURAL CLOSERS get the women they want and the lessons you can learn from them to quickly and seamlessly escalate physically with women.
  • IMMEDIATELY recognize opportunities women sub-communicate CONSTANTLY to take things to new higher plateaus of interaction and men RARELY take action on.
  • Learn the core concepts and strategies that CLOSERS live by and how YOU can apply these concepts to kiss, get phone numbers, and extract from venues faster than you thought EVER possible.
  • FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT. Techniques for CONQUERING your fears and taking risks no matter what possible outcome your mind thinks may happen.
  • Hammer in the feeling of being COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE escalating physically with women and how women actually EXPECT you to escalate if done in THE RIGHT WAY.
  • Explore the universal commonalities that women respond to in ALL countries and how traveling actually gives YOU the advantage for success with women that will baffle the local men of that country.
  • Learn simple dance moves with LIVE AUDIENCE demonstrations that women will instantly recognize YOU as one of the few guys that is comfortable around women and SUBCOMMUNICATE TO HER that it’s only NORMAL for her to want to be physically closer to you.
  • Demonstrations of easily avoidable and inappropriate use of touching that tell women that “THIS GUY is creepy” and will KILL an interaction. Women will FILTER out IMMEDIATELY guys who do these examples.
  • Scientific principles that Ozzie, a true closer, uses to get girls to predictably and repetitively act in ways to leads interactions the way he wants them to go.
  • Insider secrets that have women believing you’re an amazing dancer even if youwere born with “two left feet”.
  • The power of techniques verses mindsets: Why most guys fail and waste their time when they go out to purposefully meet women.
  • Recognize downward spirals of thinking immediately and correct them “in the moment”.
  • Lose the fear of rejection with a mindset that is ROCK SOLID.
  • Fill in the gaps to missing steps in your interactions with women that can take years of in field experience to develop.
  • A secret to eliciting a woman's “auto pilot responses” that ensures EVERY approach you do will be successful.
  • Strategies and options for 1 on 1 situations and what you can do to maximize these opportunities.
  • Expert advice on social pressures and expectations women experience that you can use to your advantage the next time you even try to isolate a woman 1 on 1.
  • The ONLY goal you need to have to be successful in a good pick up.
  • Through fascinating stories of real life pick ups around the world you will discover the difference between what most guys think a good pick up looks like and reality.

[edit] Discs 5 and 6: Jeffy

Jeffy gives you:

  • A 100% PRIVATE stash of never-seen-before openers that will give you ZERO reason not to approach any woman.
  • Demystify popular "seduction strategies" that frequently BLOCK women from EVER feeling long lasting attraction for you.
  • Get a deep understanding of what it means to be natural to and being appreciated for your authenticity and congruency.
  • Analogies of learning ‘game’ and know what can happen when you “cross over” to the dark side.
  • Are you ready to evolve? Discover self defeating tendencies the will halt you in your tracks before every major success breakthrough.
  • Tips to create an exciting and fun lifestyle that naturally draws women into your life.
  • Understanding where your internal validation derives and how it is affecting the person you are TODAY.
  • Goals to aim for to become a complete natural person that attracts women as a natural occurrence of life.
  • Detailed international airport and airplane pick ups from start to finish and tips to eliminating common obstacles that prevent you from your end goal.
  • Setting concrete and measurable goal for continuous grown and improvement to eliminate ALL thoughts and feelings of stagnation in your life.
  • A secret insider technique only taught to past clients to make over self defeating attitudes that prevent success with women and life.
  • A quick and easy visualization technique to powerfully shape the reality you DESERVE.
  • Weed out blind spots in your personality by asking this one question that most men will almost NEVER ask.
  • Why pushing women’s “buttons” for responses will ultimately spell DOOM for your relationships and inner core confidence.
  • Tactics to control your internal emotional state and STAY there.
  • Comical and funny ways to interact so people welcome your gestures.
  • Deep insights into how to change your thought patterns and get people to see the best side of you at all times.
  • How to challenge yourself to develop positive beliefs and create a highly successful life.
  • How to react to girls emotional outbreaks so you know that you are still in control.
  • Confronting fears in a smart way to improve your life in ways you never imagined.
  • Weeding out the negative beliefs that influence your actions in harmful ways.
  • Be able to walk down the street knowing you are proud to be a man and knowing you will never accept mediocrity as part of your life.
  • Why the people you choose to surround yourself with will largely determine your ultimate success to with women and your own happiness.
  • Ways of inspiring people you interact with and how in the end, how you treat people, will determine much of your success with dating, friendships, and all people in general.
  • The “big picture” and analogies of life and dating that give you perspective on where you fit into it all.
  • How to get rid of deep internal issues without years of therapy...
  • Tips to improving your physical appearance to create a look of masculine sexiness that a woman can't resist.

[edit] Discs 7 & 8: Hoobie

Hoobie reveals to you:

  • Discover insider secrets and examples of real experiences using a digital camera as a prop to create movie-like situations where women will be itching to take her clothes off.
  • Leading with passion and conviction in the bedroom that will have women coming back for more… and more… and more.
  • Transform yourself as a man that takes responsibility of his INNATE desires and move through the world without apology.
  • How to hammer powerful mindsets that continually reinforce beliefs that women will automatically find irresistible.
  • Listen to the journey from personal low points and the tools that propelled Hoobie into taking the necessary steps for creating a deep identity change.
  • Instead of reading on the internet about “what it takes” to get this part of your life handled, take YEARS off your learning curve and identify through personal stories that you are NOT ALONE in your journey.
  • See ACTUAL pictures and film footage of what can be attainable, without being a fashion model, rich, or famous, when you continue your education to getting this part of your life handled.
  • The shocking fact supermodel-quality women secretly wish you knew, but will never tell you.
  • How land a really attractive woman that most guys would consider "out of their league" even when a woman LITERALLY tells you that you are not "her type".
  • MALE PSYCHOLOGY FOR REGULAR GUYS - Instantly understand the specific differences between guys who “make it” and the ones who never fulfill their innate desires as MEN.
  • How to quickly get over the pain of a bad breakup and stop letting it affect your current actions with women NOW… even if it's been haunting you for months or years.
  • Learn secret techniques that ancient fortune tellers have been using for centuries to create attraction and strong emotional connections.
  • BEWARE of fashion and grooming pitfalls that women INSTANTLY notice and routinely use to filter out men.
  • Dressing to your identity in order to display the REAL YOU.
  • An effortless way of becoming a MAN OF ACTION that separates you from your boss, professor, brother, or best friend.
  • A quick and easy visualization routine to turn your inner self inside out and fill yourself with the confidence to take action on the spot
  • Master LEADING FRAMES in conversations that will convey you are a HIGH VALUE alpha male.
  • Trigger mutually beneficial internal behavior switches in women and that will guarantee predictable outcomes EVERY time.
  • Becoming a POSITIVE force in the world that emotions, take control of your fears, and project an aura of confidence that is irresistibly attractive to women.
  • A PROVEN technique taught to hundreds of students around the world for creating streaming threads of conversation “on the fly”.
  • A simple technique to getting anybody’s attention without being reactive.
  • Adopting mindsets that display to women that you know women are plentiful and choices are boundless.
  • Readily available resources that you can tap into at ANY time to gain inspiration and honest life perspectives.
  • How much is enough? Learn how making the most of what you ALREADY have is the more important than the things you don’t have.

[edit] Discs 9 & 10: Tyler

The Executive Producer of RSD shows you:

  • Deep insights in using the operating system of the human mind to quickly “fix” inner issues that are holding you back from ultimate success with women to create a PERMANENT lifestyle change.
  • How to AVOID the ugly curse of “victim mentality” and remove the stress from your life that is preventing you from having success with women.
  • How to make quick decisions in every situation that life throws at you … greatly speeding your transformation to a powerful and respected man.
  • How society and education systems prevent you from developing your NATURAL INSTINCTS for success

and how you can reverse that process to become the man you are MEANT to be.

  • Have you ever noticed how people and the “latest and greatest” fads always seem to contradict themselves? Develop the skill to “learn how to fish” for yourself and cut through the MILLIONS of messages that you receive from family, media, school, and work and gain the confidence to think clearly and effectively knowing that you have PURPOSE.
  • Proven ways to BREAK FREE of the deadly limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back from success with women and life by living in complete ALIGNMENT.
  • Simple techniques to load your mind with tools to replace your insecurities with CONFIDENCE that women notice and men envy.
  • The most common “flaw” that early in our human development prevented normal guys like us from ever becoming “real" men and how hammering this ONE THING into your mentality will change you from the core outward affecting every decision you make in your life.
  • How to replace the “magic pill” mentality that limits your ability to get the most out of ALL situations you encounter in life and usher in a strong ‘habits’ that will bring positive changes that will follow you throughout your life.
  • Tips and perspectives from people who ‘make it’ and those who consistently never do.
  • The hidden link between your upbringing and the fears that are holding you back from seeing TRUE perspectives that bring strong positive forces into your life.
  • Surefire techniques to help you reframe society programming about physical limitations.
  • The greatest challenges guys face in their paths to becoming REAL men why most "give up" and settle for mediocrity.
  • Live life to the fullest by igniting your passion for fascinating life experiences that will comfort us as we GROW as humans ensure we are never left "standing still".
  • Ever frustrated how women say they want a man who “knows where he’s going in life” and don’t know what exactly what they mean? Learn the “secrets” of knowing how to discover “where you’re going” in life so women know you are the purpose driven man they desire without ever actually having to say it.
  • Avoid ever having feel as you are communicating ‘neediness’ by learning the abundant lifestyle by building an AWESOME lifestyle that will draw people to your life like “moth to flame”.
  • A process for becoming a “modern-day renaissance man” that women constantly describe as their “ideal man”.
  • How to PUNCH THROUGH that vicious cycle of defeat and permanently eliminate it from your life.
  • A very specific exercise and formula for overcoming each and every fear you have with women.
  • How to keep and maintain power without giving it away to anyone.
  • A detailed explanation of the inner beliefs of men who are ULTRA successful in dealing with men and women and how to cultivate these beliefs within yourself.
  • Destroy “approach anxiety” with tools to create your own unshakable inner confidence to approach a woman in any situation without getting nervous and without fear of rejection.
  • How to take control of your life to always ‘be on’ and sustain a constant source of fulfillment.
  • Powerful success stories on how to make all of your own rules and live the life you've always dreamed about.

[edit] Discs 11 & 12: The Entire Panel of Speakers

All five speakers gather for two discs of material containing:

  • Learn how to DEMYSTIFY day game from night club and bar game.
  • Methods on how to build STRONG emotional connection to decrease ‘flakes’.
  • Expert advice and examples of changing venues to create more solid connections with women.
  • How avoid wasting your valuable time by PRIORITIZING and ultimately FILTER women you choose to go out with.
  • Reactions to relationships with women that live long-distance.
  • Learn to deal with communicating in loud night clubs through LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS with audience members.
  • The importance of “One last set! One last set!” before ending nights and changing seemingly bad nights into nights of glory.
  • Controlling ego and natural responses us guys have when women flake.
  • Insider secrets to planning dates so that you give women powerful impressions that says all the right things about you.
  • Deep insights into using physiological changes in your body to generate positive internal states.
  • Befriending and dealing with tough door men and bouncers to night clubs and bars.
  • Expert advice on long term relationships that will prepare you with the commitment and reality of the situation.
  • Discover the real purpose and biggest advantage of learning to be good with women. It might not be what you are thinking!!
  • Step by step advice for transitioning smoothly following through in an interaction.
  • Insider secrets on favorite times to call and the ESSENTIAL keys to successful phone game.
  • The K.I.S.S method for fool proof phone game.
  • Advantages and perfect timing for texting women on the phone after meeting them.
  • Dealing with job environments that inherently frame you in “beta” positions.
  • Unraveling “community” concepts so you can make the most of what you learn in you development of getting better with women.
  • Showing women the right amount of interest without coming off as “needy”.

This content-rich, life-changing DVD set is available NOW here.

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