Unlocking The Power Of Silence

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I've said for a very long time that words mean nothing in this game. Conversation is just chatter to fill the void and as long as you don't let it turn logical (i.e. linear and having an underlying "point") then it makes no difference what you say.

Seriously, None.

Plot lines are fun because they are spontaneous and is intended for self amusement...also sprinkled with a lot of attraction potential. Being direct in any way is always great because again...it states intention, such as Shock and Awe.

But thats all intention. The intention is not in the words. The words may be a vehicle for that intention, but that intention is simply a choice and nothing more.

What is your purpose in this? Whats your intention?

For me, its to be 100% comfortable being myself in any given situation without stifling my actions. End result? Be able to have any girl I want if I want her.

So my purpose is to be 100% comfortable in all social situations so I can intentionally have any girl I want if I want her.

Now...the question is this: How do you project your intentions?

The first thing you may think of is words. Many pick up theories rely on the use of words to portray their intentions...and it can work on a surface level.

But I'm talking about pure, deeply routed intention coming from your core. I'm talking about something that can even be lost in the translation INTO words. Pure intention.

This Does Not Happen Verbally

Last night I was at a private party in Hollywood Hills that was so exclusive, they were even turning girls away AT THE DOOR. The remaining girls were all strikingly gorgeous...minus a couple stragglers as expected. All high class, high status girls in Hollywood.

Exactly my type of party.

As I worked the room and saw a bunch of my good friends, I saw the social matrix in a way I've never seen it before. Part of my personality is to bring positive energy to groups of people and add value to their night. As I did that, talking to everyone and mixing up the crowd...i noticed something about the girls. They were NOT responding to what I was saying...

They were responding to WHO I AM. They were reacting to me being my self.

Now what does silence have to do with all of this?

As I did my thing at the party, I would find myself attracted to a girl and approaching her...however I didn't "open" in the traditional sense. I did something else.

I walked up to them and stood in front of them in silence.

Sometimes for up to 30 seconds before anything was said by either of us.

"Whoa, whoa...Pimnpski. That sounds creepy dude! What were you doing?"

Nothing. I wasn't "doing" anything. I would stand there and observe her and let her observe me. All communication was 100% non-verbal. We would lock eyes and both smile...look each other up and down...and just be there.

This isn't an easy concept to explain, beleive me.

But I will tell you this: 100% of the girls acted the same way.

We just kind of absorbed each other. I would eventually say "Hi" but by then their pupils were dilated and they were into me. One of them I made out with after nothing more then 20 seconds of silence.

Do Not Attempt This Without Solid Inner Game

Its veeeerrryyyyyy easy to come across as a creep if your sub communications are not 100% congruent. It requires similar rules to Shock and Awe.

"How can this help me if Im still working on my inner game?"

Realize this: Words are space fillers. Thats it. Avoid linear and logical thinking AT ALL TIMES. If the convo goes logical and has a "point" to be made... snap out of it.

++++ Side Note: Resetting the conversation

One thing I do if a girl starts going linear is to reset the convo completely. I turn to her suddenly as if i just thought of something incredibly important to tell her, pause for a moment...and just say "Hi" with a smile. As strange as that sounds...if i have her attention she will pause as well and say "hi" with a smile back. Instant bubble forms and you're in.

The reason this works is that you are Snapping her out of the linear mindset. You don't have to do it the way I do...you can say anything. As long as its done in a sudden "ah-ha" moment way, she will respond. Never revert back to a previous conversation topic. Ever. Just vibe with her and know your intention. Combine this with steady emotional and physical escalation, express your own BT and do not look back. Good things will happen. ++++++

There is MUCH power in silence. I beleive that this "game" is 100% subcomunication driven and silence is part of that.

Words are space fillers. Remember that. Don't take them seriously. The fact of the matter is that SHE won't be taking your words seriously either (at least not at first when you meet her) so taking your own words seriously is a pitfall you must avoid.

Intention, presence, and subcommunication. There is power in silence.

Unlock it.


Dave "I'm very guilty of trying to hide behind the linear and words. Pimpski, or anyone else, know the best ways to break this habit? Sure. In order to break her out of a linear state, you must first break your self out of linear thinking. The first step is to recognize when you are in a linear thought pattern. If you can do this, you can snap yourself out of it. When you are out of your head and in state, it is very easy to say whatever comes to mind with no underlying point to be made. This "pointless" conversation just comes out of your mouth."

Pointless is the key word here.

Linear conversation happens when each person identifies with something external, i.e. what they do, where they live, what they think about "X." Opinions are the work of the ego, as ego and thought are intertwined. The only opinions you should express are how much you like something...but thats more of a feeling then an objective opinion. We dont go around saying "I like X, Y and Z" in a factual basis...we communicate our experience through emotion.

Emotional communication.

This is opposite of linear thought. X, Y, and Z may be something you like and/or value, but its how you feel about it that matters. Passion is the brush of this art. Passion is found in experience, and X, Y and Z are tools of that experience.

So what do you do if you're playing scenerios out in yoru head and projeting a future? Or if you are searching for "topics" to discuss?

Snap out of it.


Call a hault to all thought. Fuck thinking. Thinking limits feeling. Tim uses a great example of "how can i make this fun right now?" This can shift you into creating experience instead of reacting to facts.

My favorite is to literally stop myself and say NO!

"Thinking is for work, this is my play time."

I found myself saying that exact phrase to myself over the weekend. Now ask yourself this...

"Did you ever think at recess?"

There's no "thinking" involved in a 5 year old on the monkey bars. Its play time. See the monkey bars and go play.

Conversation in field is no different then the monkey bars at recess. Does a 5 year old consider the details of every inch of the slide as they are going down?

Hell no. They just slide down and experience the fun they are having.

Think "playtime." After all, we ARE playing a "game," aren't we?

Westley_Pipes "It's also important to spend that time checking each other out (best done in silence), especially on ice-cold approaches. Otherwise you spend the first few minutes of the interaction trying to split your attention between random nonsense talk/vibing and taking in the nuances of their appearance. If you find yourself having trouble making direct eye contact cuz you keep looking at how hot she is, there's a prime example.

Great post, Pimpski is my hero

cheers, WP"

Great breakdown WP. I like your point that checking her out is best done in silence. That way, all attention is on the fact that you are infact checking her out, projecting sexuality, and completely comfortable doing so.

Raiz "She will only feel strange about silence if you do."

Exactly. If you are comfortable with it, she will be. Its that simple.

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