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I used to have worst tonality in the world. My wing Harsh use to tell me I was totally inaudible and wasn’t cool enough to project my identity. If person opposite to you can’t understand what you are speaking or not creating impact in his/her brain, you just can’t have the Attraction.

There are few basics things you should do to improve your tonality.

1. Check out tons of movies and imitate the actors. Try out all the accents until it becomes natural to you. I have found that with able to communicate in different accents I have been able to have stronger rapport with people around me.

2. Take any small word you like and try to project your volume with it. I chose word cool and started with lowest volume possible that was audible to Loudest I got. I would increase notch by notch. Think about it like you are increasing volume on your digital volume. One point at a time. Do this for some days and you will have strong Projection.

3. Generally be loud, when I say loud I don’t mean obnoxious. Yesterday I was at party where I was just being loud and people thought that I was drunk because I had great excitement in my voice.

4. Try to imitate out all the feelings. Happiness, Sadness, Sexual etc with your voice. Try to master all of them. Even I am not very good at this but doing this is making my Communication very strong.

5. Stand straight or sit straight and then try to be loud. You will find your voice has far more resonance and is deeper in that way.

6. If you live in countries like India then check out hawkers. They are the best role models you can have. If you have that kind of voice project then you will actually be heard in the loud venues. You wont be denied that way. You will be like hurricane where everyone has no choice but pay attention to you.

If you feel you are being rude or something by doing this. If you feeling self-conscious or something then let that happen. This is your time to step out of your comfort zone. Once you start getting success then you will know what to do. Who knows you may be drunk to your success.

This is your time to step up and crush your barriers. Lets start this today.

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