Why Looks Don't Matter

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This is a very rough break-down of why looks don't matter following an idea I had last night.

When deciding who to fuck with replication plays a major role. The two most vital criteria for offspring are genetical health & ability to survive.
Men choose their partner based on looks because good looks equal fertility and health, that's why blondes are so popular and men prefer a certain hip/waist ratio. Fertility and health, that's one part (genetial health) taken care of.
Let's say we lived in a world where women rather chose someone with good looks than someone with charisma etc, the result is offspring which looks good.
Humans are social animals, living in a group is of utmost importance for survival thus the status within the group is of utmost importance for survival.
Looks are a social construct in a certain way, if you're a good-looking child you will gain certain status through your looks but the status/power can always be taken from you, because the power you have comes FROM society and not yourself, your survival (rank in group) depends on others.
Now, don't make the mistake of confusing good-looks with being charismatic/leader etc, those traits are a whole different thing, people with good looks just get the opportunity and confidence to engage in activities which build those traits.

Having said that it's now clear why women would nearly always prefer someone with status/charisma to someone with good-looks.
Women themselves take care of their offspring's health, men are supposed to take care of the offspring's survival. That's why traits like charisma are SO important, it's with them that you can work with the group and build your status within it, you are the one who is in control. Your survival depends wholely on yourself.

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