Working on Pickup Vs. Working on Personality

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I don't work to improve my game. But my game improves. The more days between my sarges, the better my game is.

The reason for this is that I work on my PERSONALITY, not on pickup. I think RSD has gone a long way toward pushing this concept, but some guys still don't get it.

They think "I'm gonna go practice being unreactive in set.", "Okay, I have to get out of my head for this sarge."

This will get you results. Eventually. If you sarge every weekend for six months.

However, this is an inefficient and psychologically damaging way of doing things. This is where you see the posts of the guys who feel like they have two personalities, a chode and a superhero. The posts where guys are doing great after their thirty day challenge, but then get worse when they don't continue to sarge.

I don't work on my game. I work on becoming the type of guy who fucks a lot of chicks. The type of guy who is high value, and handles his shit. The type of guy who knows where he is going in his life. The type of guy who everybody wants to be around.

In short, I work on becoming exactly who I want to be.

I was recently having a huge problem with kino in my game, and kept trying to figure out how to get comfortable with it. I would go in set, force myself to kino, and feel like I did a good job. Slowly I began to improve with it. But then I would not sarge for a few days, and the problem would return.

It was Heartwork who finally straightened me out 'Dude, you need to kino EVERYBODY, not just HB's." Bam. There it is. I wasn't having a problem with kino in my GAME, I was having a problem with kino in my LIFE. I was not a touchy feel guy.

It needed to change. I didn't want to be a guy who's afraid to touch people, that's just not a trait of my ideal self. So I worked on it. I got more comfortable with touching my family. I started kinoing people as the norm. And my game improved.

Making the leap from Working on Pickup to Working on Personality can be a huge Paradigm shift, but can really do wonders for you.

Working on Pickup: Can only improve in set.

Work on Personality: Mostly Improve Out-of-Set

Working on Pickup: Get Better With Girls

Work on Personality: Improve Your Life

How to work on Personality:

   * Adopt a mindset of constant growth. Realize you can always be better.
   * Figure out who your ideal self is. If you need help with this, check out the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. There are also some articles on that help in this respect.
   * Work on making everything congruent with your ideal self. Clothes, Voice, Hobbies, Everything. Figure out who you want to be, then become it.
   * If you don't know how to get to where you want to be, try to learn. For instance, maybe your ideal self is muscular, but you have no idea how to gain muscle. Get a personal trainer, he'll help you become who you want to be.

Wow. I feel better now . This is something that I've been wanting to post about for awhile, and a feel there are some guys on here who this could really help.

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