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First off, it's amazing to see all the positive response to the Transformations material. It's great to see people really nailing concepts such as what it means to be a 'sexworthy' guy, as opposed to the others (and the other 99.9% of the 'community').

The people on RSD Nation seem super cool and I hear rumors of Hollywood a-lists being a fan of our stuff.

There's no stopping YOU!

Anyway champs:

I had a quick message from Bayroot that I wanted to share.

"Hey man,

If you have time to answer this:

I am similar to you in that I pump emotions and I seem to gain a LOT of attraction when I'm with the girls, they're all over me etc.

HOWEVER, I don't ever seem to keep this attraction. the next time I see them, I can get them attracted and all over me again, but I don't have them chasing me, thinking about me when I'm not there etc.

Is this a problem that you have, or even care about? I'm thinking I may be coming off as the fun/entertaining/intriguing guy

Thanks a lot dude"

The basic premise behind Bayroot's question is that he is SEEKING to PUMP the girls up in order for them to feel attraction. This is fine and works for a little bit.

But it's also fools-gold-results.

I used to do this forever... walk over, game game game, oh they like me... POOF they are gone (in 5 mins, 5 days, etc). And I'm left sexless most times.

Sooooo. There is no more SEEKING to PUMP the girl's attraction using GAME.

That is the old-school.

It is also bad for the man's SOUL because it assumes before anything that the GIRL is of HIGHER VALUE than YOU.

Why is she of higher value?

Think about it.


I can tell you, I've slept with and dated a few hot girls in my time. And they ain't JACK.

I mean, don't get me wrong they are damn good BUT... they are NOT the AMAZING GOLDEN TREASURE OF GLORY THAT WILL CURE YOUR LIFE.


You are the hero in this story.

And what a damn fine story this is.

There is not a guy reading this who can't bed a hot chick consistently if he sorts himself out. I believe this 110%.

What if life revolved around YOU?

Not the reactions of some club girl, or girl down the street.

Start ignoring them and focus on YOU.


Ok so. No more pumping the girls up with game. This is not YOU being the HERO.

Only the HERO comes off as sexworthy guys because he understands that in this lifetime the buck stops at HIM.

Start being nice to yourself damn it. Don't beat yourself up anymore - this kills the hero. Just accept little defeats and move your ass along!

I still do this day think that I got this far because after a failed set (or 100) I would NEVER be hard on myself... EVER. It came naturally because in this game *I* was the hero... not the girl.

I just moved on, with a blissful happiness that I was even approaching and moving forward while my chode friends sat and played background.

An experiment for you...


You must master *this* before anything:

The next set you do... go up like you would your best friend or girlfriend or someone you have known for years and just say a casual "what's up". No movement, no flailing hands in the air or anything - just a "what's up"... followed by long pause (see if they try and meet you)... then "you guys seemed cool I had to meet you".

THE KEY is in the TONALITY (neutral to breaking) as I demonstrated in Transformations. It is SO IMPORTANT.

That's IT.

This is what I call the DEFAULT. If you can't get them chatting you off this default approach then adding game is only going to look like entertain/intrigue boy.

However if the girls start chatting to you... all good. Start building your game from the ground-up by adding some cool pieces seen in Transformations or Foundations or whatever.

Now if they run away (and I mean RUN FOR THE HILLS) it may mean you have to get other things sorted, maybe a cool style (like the guys off Transformations)... and work your ass out in the gym.

I don't care what guy you are if you're not in the gym doing cardio if your fat, or lifting weights to build testosterone (and nice muscles) YOU ARE NOT BEING THE HERO. Get to the gym at LEAST 3 days a week you lazy punk.

Take care of yourself don't eat all that junk food. You are the hero in this story.

Be good....




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