You Are Who You Are Destined To Be

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By S Hero

Chode: AGHHHHHHHHHHHH! I don't know what to dooo! I'm a loser! I'm a total choooooode! Nobody likes me even though I invested my whole life on 90210 trivial bullshit all my life! I'm lost! I'm depressed! I don't know where I should go with my life .... I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOOO!

A distant star in the sky sparks. Strong winds take over the landscape. The clouds form and .......... Mufasa emerges in the night's sky upon the lost chode

Mufasa: Simmmmba ....

Chode: Mufasa? What the fuck are you doing here?

Mufasa: ... shit wrong number

Chode: Wait! Help me out here man I don't know what to do with my life

Mufasa: Do you know who you are?

Chode: Who am I?

Mufasa: Well I was gonna say "remember who you are" but you don't even know who you are yet

Chode: No I do. I'm a total loser, I'm someone who nobody likes

Mufasa: Well in that case don't "remember who you are" you better "FORGET who you think you are". I mean amnesia-tize your ass

Chode: What?

Mufasa: Look, who you are is not permanent. People change. Some nice guys become assholes. Some assholes become good people. Some good people turn bad. Losers become winners, and winners become losers. Who you are is DYNAMIC and CONSTANTLY CHANGING. If you confine your personality within a boundary, it will not go out of that boundary.

So if your dad keeps saying: "You're a screw up" and you believe that, you're probably gonna remain a screw up the rest of your life UNLESS you STOP BELIEVING THAT and believe otherwise.

On the other hand, when you say you're a successful guy then you fail, the reality of your failure won't reinforce your belief. So you'll start believing that you suck again.

Chode: Well ... what? ... I'm confused how I'm I gonna stop sucking and start being awesome

Mufasa: Believe that you're DESTINED to be awesome

Chode: But that's never gonna happen

Mufasa: You're right it wont

Chode: Fuck you Mufasa I need your help here

Mufasa: You are not ready for any help. You already decided that you will suck your whole life. Any help is not gonna do shit for you now. No matter how many therapy sessions you get, no matter how many self-help products you read or watch, no matter how much advice you get from your friends you're still gonna suck ... forever

Chode: No I won't

Mufasa: ... wait, did you just not care what I think about you?

Chode: Yeah!

Mufasa: HAZAAAAAAAA! Good! Now I'm gonna ask you again. Are you destined to be awesome?

Chode: ... Yeah ... I am

Mufasa: You're right

Chode: ... Yeah

Mufasa: Who are you

Chode: I'm awesome

Mufasa: Yes ... You are

Awesome: Fuck yeah!

Mufasa: Remember who you are destined to be ... Remember ... Remember who you are ... Remember ... Remeber who you are and who you are destined to be ... Rememberrrrrrrrrrr

Awesome: Hey wait before you go ...

Mufasa: ... dude you fucked up my dramatic exit ...

Awesome: Okay I know who I am but what about ... I mean ... I still don't know where I'm going with my life ...

Mufasa: That's because you still don't have a sense of purpose ...

Awesome: So what shou-

Mufasa: Look I really gotta go, can we talk about this later? I have a date with cheetara from **********s

Awesome: Okay I'll just ... call you?

Mufasa: No I'll just be somewhere in the sky at night when I'm done

Awesome: Cool, have fun with cheetara

Mufasa: Peace ...

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You are who you are destined to be!


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